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Honoré des Prés is a modern perfume House "set in Parisian greenery" and established to bring together all available professional and artistic talents to serve simple and benevolent ecology. Farming engineers, cardboard craftsmen, tomorrow’s organic laboratory, enchanted perfumers and imagination designers all work together to change the perfume world.

Having admired the work of Olivia Giacobetti for years as she was creating unprecedented perfumes, the Honoré des Prés family decided to work with her to establish a new, luxurious line of entirely ECOCERT fragrances of natural origin. Heeding her progressive creative perceptions, Giacobetti invented the vistas, refuges and relief of this island of nature, which Honoré – an eternal Bohemian teenager – was searching for in Garden Parties. Honoré des Prés and his family wished to celebrate life. Together with Olivia Giacobetti they have created the first Pure Extracts of Nature, 100% of natural origin and carrying the ECOCERT label.

These entirely organic olfactory designs evolve on the skin providing vibrant sensations and are 100% natural in origin.

Honoré des Prés went to the source of perfume in Grasse (Provence, France) to meet and work with Robertet, a perfumer renowned for his stock of natural ingredients and his fabulous trips in search of the most rare and precious olfactory harvests. Robertet has participated in these creation by collecting exceptional and rare essences, all carrying the Ecocert Organic Label.

Parfums Honoré des Prés

WeLoveNY Collection

A collection of perfume full of decadence, lust and an indescribable raw, natural ambiance.

Purs Extraits De Nature

Tailor-made perfumes for urbanities in search of simplicity and nature.
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