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The Way of Alchemy

A beauty coach providing personalized treatments for celebrities, my work consists in understanding and repairing skin, treating it, and helping people understand how important their skin is and how this precious envelope is made.

My job also includes a scientific dimension, knowing and selecting the ingredients that will enter the composition of each product, their possible interactions, their effect and reaction on different skin types and different individuals.

I perceive other human beings through the power of touch: touching skin, the door of the book of life. Ever since my childhood, I have always wanted to find the means to improve the appearance of skin.

After a number of different professional experiences in the cosmetic business, I decided that I wished to create products that reflected with my own professional ethics: genuine efficient products.

--Herve Herau

Herve Herau

30191-150.jpg Herve Herau - La Pommade - 50 ml
Item 30191


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For all Skin types, from very dry to oily skin with problems, spots, irritation.
Benefit from a unique formula which will even out, moisturize, hydrate and revitalize your skin, restoring its natural qualities. Your skin will become naturally luminous. With its intense hydration and micro-nutrients, essential for healthy skin, this balm is a real deep-cleanse for your skin, keeping it beautiful on a daily basis. Unique comfort for your skin. Non comedogenic.

30192-150.jpg Herve Herau - Lip Care - 15 ml
Item 30192


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At last, a complete care product for chapped or damaged lips. This unique product repairs, revitalizes and restructures your lips.

30193-150.jpg Herve Herau - Face Cleanser Care - 100 ml
Item 30193


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This will become your key ally every day, providing not only the essential active ingredients your skin needs but also flushing the impurities out of your epidermis and soothing, stimulating and reinforcing the immunity of your skin.

30194-150.jpg Herve Herau - Gel Lotion Care - 100 ml
Item 30194


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A lotion in the form of a gel… for improved application. Consider this lotion, rich in ingredients, as an extension of your skin care program. Give your skin the active ingredients it needs to release its full vitality.

30195-150.jpg Herve Herau - Facial Cleanser & Gel Lotion Care Duo - 2 x 100 ml
Item 30195


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Take washing your face to a whole new level… Rediscover healthy, cleansed and radiant skin. We are so used to washing our face that we don’t understand it, forgetting that it is the most important thing you can do for your skin… In the morning and in the evening, our skin needs to rid itself of dead cells, impurities and/or make-up… but it also needs to be treated, soothed and even stimulated.
This is why Herve Herau created two new products which will change the way we look at and approach skin cleansing. You will feel the difference. No feelings of tautness or any other unpleasant sensation.

25207-150.jpg Herve Herau - Cream Gel Skin Care - Extra Rich - 50 ml
Item 25207


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For all skin types, from very dry to very oily - this product thoroughly moisturizes the skin deep down and repairs all its lipid losses and deficiencies. This cream-gel is also particularly suitable for the eye contour. Your skin will be nourished, your complexion radiant. It’s a real moisturization treatment that you can alternate with Cream-Gel Skin Care. Its non-comedogenic texture won’t leave an "oily" effect on your skin and will allow you to apply your make-up perfectly.

24036-150.jpg Herve Herau - Cream Gel Skin Care - 50 ml
Item 24036


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One of the unusual things about this cream is its texture, it is a gel cream and therefore immediately penetrates the skin. Its fragrance and ingredients are 100% natural and organic.

This gel cream is PARABEN FREE. Its repairing, moisturizing and toning properties will be your daily allies for skincare that respects the natural biological functions of your skin. Results: soft, toned skin, refined skin texture and a clear complexion. The anti-wrinkle effect is not mentioned as it is an ineluctable consequence of cell renewal.

24037-150.jpg Herve Herau - Body Care - 200 ml
Item 24037


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After the face cream, the rest of the body... a unique formula. Body Care is a powerful blend of ingredients, specially formulated in a lightweight, non-greasy cream that will Treat, Repair, and Awaken your skin. A fluid cream gel preparation, its unique texture gets immediately absorbed by the skin and the results are noticeable from the first application. Body Care contributes to an overall sense of wellbeing and harmony as it softens, smoothes and deeply hydrates the skin.

24038-150.jpg Herve Herau - Water Care - 125 ml
Item 24038


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** Due to FAA restrictions, this item is not available for Expedited or International Shipping including Hawaii or Alaska.

Water Care is both a remarkable and unusual product for it not only hydrates but also treats the skin. Its uniqueness lies in a specially formulated composition that facilitates topical application. (Gas free aerosol can spray). Adhering to Hervé Hérau - The Way of Alchemy's core philosophy – Treat, Repair, Awaken - this treating water soothes and regenerates the skin, giving it the ingredients it needs.

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