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A time to be.

The ritual of cleansing the body occupies a significant place in our lives. More than just the task of keeping ourselves clean, it is a time of personal meditation.

Dr.Hauschka bath and shower preparations are formulated with Biodynamic® and organic ingredients to stimulate the senses so you can take hold of these times, free your body of tension and clear your mind. Essential oils lift the spirits. Botanical extracts moisturize and protect the skin. And the natural properties of all the ingredients in these products care for your skin as you care for yourself.

Aromatherapy Baths offer restful experiences. Each of the baths contains a featured botanical essential oil chosen for its effect on mood and mind-from the soothing, calming effects of lavender to the stimulating, awakening power of sun-ripened lemon.

Body Washes are gentle, soap-free cleansers with organic ingredients that nurture the skin as they remove dirt and excess oil.

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Dr. Hauschka Bath and Shower Care

25236-150.jpg Dr. Hauschka - Spruce Warming Bath Essence - 30 ml
Item 25236


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Comforts and Invigorates.
Spruce Warming Bath Essence soothes and invigorates the skin while the fresh evergreen scent encourages deep, cleansing breaths. This bath essence offers warmth and comfort during the cooler months and in times of stress or exhaustion.

25209-150.jpg Dr. Hauschka - Moor-Lavender Calming Bath Essence - 100 ml
Item 25209


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Soothes and Protects. Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence soothes tension and eases the mind. Perfect for use as part of Dr. Hauschka Signature Cleansing and in all Signature Treatments.

25210-150.jpg Dr. Hauschka - Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Bath Essence - 100 ml
Item 25210


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Firms and Refreshes. Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing Bath Essence awakens the senses and energizes the mind. The bright scent of sun-ripened lemons harmonizes with fresh lemongrass to uplift your mood.

25211-150.jpg Dr. Hauschka - Rose Nurturing Bath Essence - 100 ml
Item 25211


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*On temporary backorder from manufacturer.
You may still order - you will not be charged until item ships.

Harmonizes and Nourishes. Rose Nurturing Bath Essence with precious rose ingredients envelops the senses in the soft, luxurious scent of dozens of blooming roses. Feel the care and protection of the queen of all flowers as you bathe in the velvety warmth of this beautiful bath essence.

25212-150.jpg Dr. Hauschka - Sage Puritying Bath Essence - 100 ml
Item 25212


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Refreshes and Cleanses. Sage essential oil awakens the senses and refreshes the body, helping to clarify and soothe skin prone to blemishes. Especially beneficial as a refreshing footbath to soothe tired, overworked feet.

24785-150.jpg Dr. Hauschka - Rose Nurturing Body Wash - 200 ml
Item 24785


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Harmonizes and nourishes. Rose, sunflower and avocado oils nurture and balance the skin while the soft scent evokes a feeling of comfort and protection. Features convenient pop-top packaging for easy use in the shower or bath.

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