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The inexhaustible beauty of the Caribbean held in the palm of your hand.

HADALI is much more than an ordinary organic cosmetics brand: it’s a genuine philosophy, a new way of imagining beauty, skin care and the everyday life of women. For a woman, taking care of herself should never be a constraint. It should remain a pleasure, something to be enjoyed, a beneficial ritual, an intimate moment when you can let life’s worries drift away… Beauty products are also there to stimulate our senses and let one’s mind be transported to other places.

For the Arawaks Indians “Hadali” means Sun. For us, “Hadali” also refers to scents, colors, fruits, the warmth of sun on our skin, a moment of happiness… The simple word “Hadali” evokes the pleasure and well-being that the natural world, the essential source of life, brings us.

It is as if the harmony and majesty found in Caribbean nature had been captured; so every morning, during one’s own beauty ritual, it’s possible to travel to an exotic place and make the most of what nature has to offer.

In the same way, this luxuriant nature offer us pure bioactive substances that are healthy for our skin. Hadali holds these naturally occurring materials in high esteem as well as great affection.

Hadali sprang from this desire to create new skincare products while respecting Nature.

Hadali products are tested under dermatological control and do not contain:

- Parabens
- Mineral oils
- Phenoxyethanol
- Silicone
- Genetically modified ingredients
- Artificial colorings nor synthetic fragrances
- And are not tested on animals

All of the products are certified by Ecocert and labeled by Cosmébio.

Hadali Organic Caribbean Skincare

22940-150.jpg Hadali - Beauty Fine Oil for Body and Hair - 100 ml
Item 22940

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A delicate mixture of native coconut oil and cashew nut essence, the Beauty Fine Oil for body and hair is the archetypal beauty care.

Native coconut oil draws it innumerable richness from the coconut palm called Tree of Life. It nourishes and smoothes the skin. It is also known for its protective properties on damaged or brittle hair. The essence of cashew nut, with its high E vitamin content, has restructuring and antioxidant virtues.

22942-150.jpg Hadali - Body Moisturizing Milk - 200 ml
Item 22942

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This complete skin care instantly moisturizes and tones the skin. The refined and delicate combination of oils from tropical nuts (avocado, coconut and cashew nut) form a potent concentrate of nutrients and vitamins that have especially moisturizing, antioxidant and protective properties. Vanilla water rounds off with its emollient characteristics.

22943-150.jpg Hadali - Bloom Moisturizing Facial Cream - 50 ml
Item 22943

$125.00 $93.75 SPECIAL!

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This multi-action cream assures optimal moisturizing and regeneration of the skin, giving it back a real bloom of youthfulness.

Sugar cane and lime help lend radiance, as well as purify and brighten the complexion. Gatuline® RC stimulates the oxygenation of cells and sleeks the cutaneous micro relief in order to activate the natural process of cellular rebirth. Skin is protected from outside aggressions (pollution, weather change,…). Hyaluronic acid, a true moisturizing sensor, fixes water and continuously recharges the skin. The extract of cashew nut oil, rich in vitamins, the antioxidant papaya oil and mango butter, with extremely emollient features, help with skin remain comfortable, soft and supple.

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