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LEONOR GREYL was the first to incorporate vitamins in her shampoos. Her signature Wheat Germ Oil was the first oil developed that washes and purifies scalp deficiencies while foaming with water contact. Leonor Greyl was also the first to formulate a gentle everyday use coal tar-free dandruff shampoo.

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Leonor Greyl Shampoos

26549-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Shampooing Sublime Meches - 200 ml
Item 26549


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Formulated to protect and maintain highlighted hair and to increase its shine while simultaneously caring for the delicate hair fibers and scalp. It is free of parabens and gluten, and is especially created for sensitive scalps. Additionally, it is sulfate-free and can be used on hair that has undergone Brazilian Keratin treatments.

26033-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Luxury Sample Set - 12 pcs
Item 26033


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Curious about Leonor Greyl hair care products? Want to find out what all of the celebrities are talking about? Now you can try the products to determine what is right for you!

Organza Gift Bag Includes:
L'Huile de Leonor Greyl - 5 ml
Shampooing Reviviscence - 16 ml
Shampooing Sublime Meches - 16 ml
Shampooing Moelle de Bambou - 16 ml
Bain Volumateur Aux Algues - 16 ml
Shampooing Au Miel - 14 ml
Bain Vitalisant B - 14 ml
Masque Fleurs de Jasmin - 16 ml
Masque a l'Orchidee - 16 ml
Crème Regeneratrice - 14 ml
Eclat Naturelle - 2 ml
Serum de Soie Sublimateur - 2 ml

19104-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Reviviscence Shampoo - 200 ml
Item 19104


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Little miracles like this one don’t happen every day. Better than a shampoo, it’s a hair-saver! It is the LAST RESORT for all hair in need of desperate help. Not only does this shampoo fulfill its primary mission to cleanse the scalp and hair, but above all it is an incredible REPAIR treatment for the hair fiber, a miraculous conditioner, and “healer” for dehydrated, damaged and ultra-brittle hair.

11022-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Banane Shampoo - Bain Restructurant a la Banane - 200 ml
Item 11022


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Highly concentrated shampoo that helps hair that has become fragile, lost it's shine, softness - and difficult to style. Permed and Straightened hair benefit. Washes gently and helps with tangles. Contains Banana Bot Sap, Proteins, Keratin and Plant Extracts.

11031-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Lait Lavant a la Banane Shampoo - 200 ml
Item 11031


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A very gentle shampoo - for everyday use. Washes gently and lends volume and shine. Extra gentle cleansing agents are used - to avoid irritation. Contains Banana Tree Sap (body), Proteins and Collagen (vitality and shine), Vegetal Extracts (soothing action) and Keratine.

11029-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Shampooing au Miel - 120 ml
Item 11029


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Gentle volumizing honey shampoo. It restores flexibility, shine and volume, uniquely enhancing your hair’s beauty. This hair shine treatment product can be used daily. Ideal for family use.

11021-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Bamboo Shampoo - Creme Moelle de Bambou - 200 ml
Item 11021


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*On temporary backorder from manufacturer.
You may still order - you will not be charged until item ships.

This shampoo is for all hair types. It is particularly good for long hair that tends to dry out. Contains Bamboo Extracts, Vitamin B, Oligio-Elements and derivatives of Wheat, Carrot and Silk Proteins!

11020-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Bain TS Oily Hair Shampoo - 200 ml
Item 11020


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Shampoo for oily and very oily hair types. Acts to balance oily scalp with dry ends. It has been created in order to rid the scalp of excess sebum and normalize hair - without the use of harsh detergents that can damage hair. Gently cleanses the hair and provides volume! Conatins Vegetal Extracts of Wheat Germ. Lime, Chamomile - known for their soothing and anti-seborrheic properties.

11018-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Bain Vitalisant B Shampoo - 200 ml
Item 11018


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Wonderful Shampoo for dry, tinted, bleached or damaged hair. Washes hair gently, giving volume and shine! Contains Vegetal Extracts, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamins E and F. Lends vitality to hair - without weighing it down!

12311-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Bain Volumateur aux Algues - Volumizing Shampoo - 200 ml
Item 12311


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A volumizing and shine enhancing shampoo. Perfect for dull, fine and limp hair that lacks luster. This shampoo is enhanced with wheatgerm oil, algae and trace minerals to bring luster and volume to the hair. Smells wonderful - with a light mix of honeysuckle and Calabrian lemon.

11019-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Bain Traitant a la Propolis Shampoo - 200 ml
Item 11019


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Gentle Anti-Dandruff shampoo. Also great for all irritated, itchy scalp conditions. Contains therapeutic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents. Works with Propolis, Plant Extracts, and Essential Oils. Does not contain Coal.

14184-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Douceur Vegetale - 200 ml
Item 14184


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This gel shampoo for the hair and body leaves the hair brilliant and the body soft to the touch.

14185-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Mousse Douceur Fleurs D'Oranger (For Baby) - 150 ml
Item 14185


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Formulated with genuine orange blossom water, this product gently cleanses and protects baby's skin and hair, leaving them more supple, softer and delicately scented. Its very mild, hypoallergenic formula does not sting the eyes and may be used as often as necessary. The ingredients have been specially selected to fully respect baby's sensitive scalp and skin. Presented in the form of a foam, this highly convenient product does not run during application.

14197-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Essentials Travel Bag Orchid - 3 pcs
Item 14197


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Perfect for taking care of your hair even when you travel. This travel kit for dry hair, easily slips into your bag and will follow you everywhere. It contains the must-have products for dry hair!

• Masque A L'Orchidee - 1.7 oz
• Huile de Leonor Greyl - 0.84 oz
• Shampooing Creme Moelle de Bamboo - 1.7 oz

14196-150.jpg Leonor Greyl - Essentials Travel Bag Jasmine - 3 pcs
Item 14196


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Perfect for taking care of your hair even when you travel. This travel kit for dry hair, easily slips into your bag and will follow you everywhere. It contains the must-have products for dry hair!

• Masque Fleurs de Jasmin - 1.7 oz
• Huile de Leonor Greyl - 0.84 oz
• Shampooing Creme Moelle de Bamboo - 1.7 oz

Style with Leonor Greyl!
Keep your luscious locks tame with your own Silver Plated Leonor Greyl Hair Elastic! The perfect complement to your Leonor Greyl hair regime! Take one home with your Leonor Greyl purchase of $65 or more!

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