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Garrett Markenson REVERIE is an authentic hair care collection that embodies luxury and purity. REVERIE is carefully handcrafted in California using the finest organic ingredients from sustainable origins around the world. The unique collection nourishes and protects the hair and scalp, while promoting growth and restoration.

Garrett Markenson REVERIE

30294-150.jpg Garrett Markenson REVERIE - RAKE Styling Balm - 1.5 oz
Item 30294


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RAKE nourishes hair while adding support and structure. Carefully handcrafted in California using the finest botanical ingredients sustainable sourced from around the world.

29340-150.jpg Garrett Markenson REVERIE - Nude Shampoo - 250 ml
Item 29340


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A gentle cleanser that hydrates and enhances shine. Safe for color treated hair and daily use.
NUDE only has what it needs.

29341-150.jpg Garrett Markenson REVERIE - Nude Conditioner - 250 ml
Item 29341


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A light smoothing cream rinse that promotes restoration. Safe for color treated hair and daily use.
NUDE only has what it needs. Enjoy in the buff.

27469-150.jpg Garrett Markenson REVERIE - CAKE Anti-Aging Growth Serum - 1.69 oz
Item 27469


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Nourish hair and scalp and smooth frizzy strands with this anti-aging, growth serum packed with unique oils and actives. Over time, environmental stress and aging cause the structure of skin to weaken. Collagen production is decreased and the cellular activity of the skin is diminished. Hydrolyzed lupine protein is an active ingredient obtained from organic sweet white lupine that boosts cellular activity, improves barrier function, and protects against skin damage and environmental stress. The protein penetrates down to the basal layers of the epidermis where it reinforces the natural resurfacing systems within the skin. By stimulating cellular activity, it renews the stratum corneum and boosts epidermal hydration. Clinical studies demonstrate up to a 13% reduction in trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) after 14 days of use. The result is smoother more hydrated scalp that is repaired and regenerated.

23227-150.jpg Garrett Markenson REVERIE - MILK Leave-In Nourishing Treatment - 3.3 oz
Item 23227


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Anti-frizz leave-In nourishing treatment for all hair types. The Scent is a critical element in hair products as it immediately defines their quality. The luxurious pure essential oils chosen for this serum/treatment are otherwise only found in the most eminently posh perfumes. Handcrafted in California.

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