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Gilles Dewavrin Candles are made in Paris with a wonderful combination of aromas that are always subtle, often unusual & sometimes daring. Olfactory getaways for the most discriminating of noses.

Gilles Dewavrin

28335-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Palace Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 28335


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The sensuality of the tuberose mingles with a masculine exotic wood.

Primary Notes: Ylang, Cedar, Tuberose, Clove.

27739-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Bad Boy Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 27739


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Be bold: a purebreed of a fragrance, made for the playful one in you.

Primary Notes: Thyme, Lavender, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.

27740-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Cachemire Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 27740


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This symphony of wooded notes wraps you with sensuality. A combination of warm and cozy fragrances that will make you long for winter.

Primary Notes: Oudwood, Incense, Patchouli, White Musk.

27741-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Havane Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 27741


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The deep Chesterfield sofa in the smoking room invites you: you are already dizzy from the wisps of copper-colored smoke.

Primary Notes: Honey, Tobacco, Leather, Floral Rose.

27742-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Madame Claude Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 27742


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Dive into the intimacy of a boudoir: even the crimson velvet curtains are laden with musk and floral scents.

Primary Notes: Ylang, Musk, Patchouli.

27743-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Manoir Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 27743


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The cooled ashes in the fireplace permeate the room. Half-closed shutters filter the evening light.

Primary Notes: Cedarwood, Birch, Smoked Tonka Bean.

27744-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Pain d'Épices Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 27744


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A subtle blend of spices and fruit carries you magically away - Christmas is here!

Primary Notes: Cinnamon, Cloves, Orange.

27745-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Pignon de Pin Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 27745


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The tenderness and sweetness of honey are discreetly at work. Strictly for charm-seekers.

Primary Notes: Pine, Cedarwood, Honey, Toffee, Orange.

27746-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Thé Bourbon Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 27746


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Give yourself over to a generous bouquet of freshly picked vanilla beans.

Primary Notes: Bourbon vanilla, Tea.

26367-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Absolu Jasmin Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26367


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The pure magic of jasmine, the extreme sweetness of a Mediterranean night is spell-binding!

Primary Notes: Gardenia and Jasmine.

26368-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Amande Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26368


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Almost nostalgic, a fragrance that quickly transports you back to childhood: sweet almonds that evoke a soft caress.

Primary Notes: Almond and Patchouli

26369-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Ambre Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26369


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An exquisite mix: the strength of amber combined with the finesse of orange blossom, powerful notes that will make you swoon.

Primary Notes: Amber and Orange Blossom.

26370-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Café Moussons Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26370


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Tangy, spicy, woody, fruity and full-bodied: a surprising and unique mix of coffee, orange, nutmeg and cedarwood for those who love strong sensations.

Primary Notes: Cedar, Coffee, Nutmeg and Orange.

26372-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Fleur d'Oranger Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26372


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Beautiful orange blossom that brings on a wind whirl of memories; a Moroccan childhood, the onset of spring, a sweet grandmother’s dessert.

Primary Notes: Orange Blossom.

26371-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Fleurs d’Eau Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26371


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Rich with rose and dabbed with geranium: the most feminine of their floral fragrances.

Primary Notes: Geranium and Rose.

26373-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - L’Heure Du Thé Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26373


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Cinnamon and bergamot that warms you up just like a cup of tea with friends by the fire on a cold afternoon. With Earl Grey tea, bergamot, cinnamon and jasmine.

Primary Notes: Bergamot, Cinnamon and Tea.

26374-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Lait de Figue Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26374


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How can one live without it? A green fig scent that is both tender and fresh simply gets hold of you and doesn’t let go!

Primary Notes: Fig.

26375-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Lounge Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26375


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The combination of three sophisticated woods that sweep you away entirely: strong notes of amber and sandalwood, gently backed by vetiver: sublime chic.

Primary Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Vetiver

26376-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Pondichéry Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26376


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The power of black pepper combined with fine featured iris.

Primary Notes: Iris, Leather and Pepper.

26377-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Thé Noir Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26377


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*On temporary backorder from manufacturer.
You may still order - you will not be charged until item ships.

This slightly smoky tea is paired with crisp lime to instantly bring an elegant mood into the home.

Primary Notes: Black Tea and Lime.

26378-150.jpg Gilles Dewavrin - Turkish Delight Candle - 6.65 oz
Item 26378


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A taste excursion to the delectable flavorful Orient, with honey, almond and rose. A change of scenery!

Primary Notes: Almond, Honey and Rose.

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