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Fragonard Parfumeur Solid Fragrances

27244-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Aquarelles Solid Perfume Set - 4 x 3 g
Item 27244


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A lovely gift box of 4 solid perfumes.

• Violette
• Vanille
• Rose de Mai
• Fleur d'Oranger

19957-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Good Luck Solid Perfume Set - 6 x 3 g
Item 19957


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A lovely gift box of 6 solid perfumes.

• Belle de Nuit
• Concerto
• Diamant
• Eau de Hongrie
• Eau du Bonheur
• Juste un Baiser

27245-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Aquarelles Vanille Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 27245


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Sensuous vanilla flowered with Ylang, heliotrope and rose on a sweet harmony of chocolate, cocoa and musk.

27246-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Aquarelles Violette Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 27246


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A feminine and sensual blend of flowers and fruit. A top note of orange and blackberry unveils a sumptuous violet middle note combined with rose and jasmine on a sensual background of fruity raspberry musk.

20120-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Aquarelles Cerisier en Fleurs Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20120


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Cherry Blossoms!
The delicacy of dainty, transparent white flowers, their petals edged with a tinge of carmine red. A fragrance that's floral, fruity and musky, combining cherry blossom. Alcohol free.

20115-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Aquarelles Citron Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20115


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Fresh Citrus!
A fragrance with notes of cedrat, lemon, sweet lime, verbena and petitgrain. Alcohol free.

20116-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Aquarelles Freesia Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20116


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White Freesia!
The scent of freesia dominates, conferring a fragrance that's full and fresh but still light. And then… a cascade of white flowers and their cool foliage join together in a radiant outburst of nature. A wonderful feeling of perpetual renewal. Alcohol free.

20118-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Aquarelles Lavande Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20118


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Fresh Lavender!
Light, fresh and totally pure, Lavande offers you a fragrance from the heart of Provençal tradition. A gentle caress, cradling you in a veil of peace, harmony and serenity. Alcohol free.

20127-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Good Luck Diamant Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20127


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Bursting with dazzling mystery, Diamant leaves a luminous trail of desire behind all those who wear it. Diamant is a sweet-oriental, with mandarin, orange and pepper as top notes, balanced by rose, jasmin and plum as middle notes, against a background of vanilla, patchouli, musc and caramel. Alcohol free.

20128-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Good Luck Belle de nuit Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20128


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An original, deep rich harmony of flowers and fruit on a warm velvety bottom note of musk. A precious fragrance, as magical as an Arabian night! Alcohol free.

20131-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Good Luck Concerto Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20131


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A simple, elegantly aromatic harmony of true fruity freshness – mandarin and bergamot – mellowed with tea, amber and jasmine. Moving and captivating – a bewitching combination. Alcohol free.

20132-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Good Luck Eau de Hongrie Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20132


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A 14th-century composition of soft bergamot and jasmine notes on a warm background of amber and cistus. Authentic, timeless and elegantly sober, it never fails to charm. Alcohol free.

20130-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Good Luck Eau du Bonheur Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20130


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Green, fresh, floral, Eau du Bonheur is a sparkling fragrance that awakens the senses. This unisex scent begins with zesty bergamot, succulent mandarin and fragrant jasmine on a woody background of aromatic maté leaves, sandalwood and cedar. Alcohol free.

20121-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Paris Cologne Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20121


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Timeless, fresh, distinguished, unisex. Bergamot, lemon, mandarine, petitgrain with geranium, neroli, lavender, rosemary in a base of amber, sandalwood, benzoin. Alcohol-free.

20123-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Paris lle d'Amour Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20123


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As a breeze going through gardens and hills, it comes to you with flowers and fruits. This Eau de toilette with a marine note is a harmony of osmanthus, rose, jasmine, lilac, and lily of the valley on a background of musk and amber. Alcohol free.

20124-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Paris Suivez-Moi Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20124


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A gently mischievous composition that plays on the complicity between fresh bergamot and sweet lime, with a delicate heart of lavender and vanilla. A breath of irresistible seduction. Alcohol free.

20125-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Paris Beau Gosse Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20125


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For all men with no fear of compliments! Beau Gosse is a harmonious accord of citrus fruits, bergamot, aquatic flowers and fruits, spiced up with cloves and cardamom on a background of cedar and musk. A refreshing fragrance. Alcohol free.

20126-150.jpg Fragonard Parfumeur - Paris Eau Fantasque Solid Perfume - 3 g
Item 20126


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A fragrance now gentle and tender with jasmine and freesia, now sharp and lively with grapefruit and blackcurrant, all delightfully wrapped in amber mellowness. The keynote here is fantasy. Alcohol free.

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