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Florere is a different kind of company. Their philosophy is simple, and the name embraces their philosophy, too. From the latin verb ‘florere’ (pronounced "flow-rare") - it means ‘to bloom, or flourish, like a flower.’

Think of your skin as a flower. What does a flower need to flourish? Harsh chemicals? Artificial anything? No. Pure, natural ingredients? Yes.

At Florere, they believe that the products you put on your skin should be as wholesome as the products you put on your plate. Their products are simple, yet highly effective, harnessing the natural powers of plants and minerals with skin soothing “good for you” ingredients. They never use artificial fragrances or colors, propylene glycol, petroleum by-products, silicones, parabens or aluminum chlorohydrate because they believe natural is better.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it has very important functions like ridding the body of toxins. It can also absorb into your bloodstream many ingredients found in personal care products. In a sense, it’s like you are ‘eating’ the products you choose to put on your skin. When you begin to think of your personal care products as ‘food’ for your skin, don’t you want those products to be as pure and wholesome as the food on your plate?

It’s time to re-think how you treat your skin. It’s time to nourish the flower within.

Florere is a family business, but Co-Founders Cynthia DeLaney Gorman and Gary Gorman didn't set out to create a successful holistic skincare line. Cynthia just wanted a natural deodorant that actually worked and was free from harmful chemicals.

"The inspiration came after a friend's Mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of chemicals found in our food and personal care products. I did not want to use anti-perspirants anymore, so I set out to find a natural deodorant.

After trying every 'natural' deodorant product on the market, I realized there was nothing available that met my requirements. Most simply didn't work; others caused irritation or had questionable ingredients.

So, I went into our kitchen and started cooking up batches of deodorant. I evaluated hundreds of ingredients and spent months developing the formula. Finally, we found the perfect combination. And Florere was born.

And we made the amazing discovery that our products were being used not just by vegans, vegetarians, or cancer survivors, but by healthy men and women from all walks of life who simply wanted a deodorant that was free of harmful chemicals and actually works.

We are a member of "The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics" and are CCIC-certified. We pledge that we never have and never will test on animals. We are totally committed to providing the highest quality holistic skin care products for our customers. Thank you for using natural products."

- Cynthia

Florere Holistic Skincare

20881-150.jpg Florere Holistic Skincare - Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick - 1.8 oz
Item 20881


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The same powerful and patent pending deodorant, now available in a convenient stick applicator. Deodorant Stick by Florere is a vegan, all-natural deodorant formula which was formulated without aluminum chlorohydrate, propylene glycol or harsh chemicals which can irritate the skin. The unique formulation is gentle and healing, and provides long lasting protection. For all skin types.

20882-150.jpg Florere Holistic Skincare - Deodorant Cream - 1.8 oz
Item 20882


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The original Deodorant Cream by Florere is a vegan patent pending deodorant formula which was formulated without aluminum chlorohydrate, propylene glycol or harsh chemicals which can irritate the skin. The unique formulation is gentle and healing, and provides long lasting protection. For all skin types.

20883-150.jpg Florere Holistic Skincare - Cleansing Grains - 2.1 oz
Item 20883


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Cleansing Grains by Florere are a 100% natural soap-free and chemical-free cleanser, exfoliator, mask and spot treatment which leave the skin unbelievably smooth, moisturized, clean and clear. It's made from naturally occurring active healing clay compounds. For all skin types.

20884-150.jpg Florere Holistic Skincare - Shea Butter Moisturizer - 1.6 oz
Item 20884


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Shea Butter by Florere is a natural, chemical-free moisturizer with excellent healing properties for the skin. 100% pure, raw and unrefined, this shea butter moisturizer is handcrafted to preserve the unique protective and hydrating properties. For all skin types.

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