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flip & tumble’s 24-7 bag has a go anywhere, do anything style that will take you beyond the grocery store, making it that perfect bag to carry with you 24-7. flip & tumble’s elastic pouch design makes it a snap to convert the bag into a small ball in 8 seconds flat.

The inspiration for this bag came from talking to lots of shoppers where flip & tumble discovered that many people owned reusable bags, but were forgetting them at home. Because flip & tumble’s bag can essentially live in a purse, messenger bag, or backpack, consumers won’t have to make a concious effort to remember a bag every time they go shopping. “It’s just there when you need it.”

Flip & Tumble

18629-150.jpg Flip & Tumble - 24-7 Eco-Bag - Raspberry and Pink - 1 pc
Item 18629

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If you’re going to carry a bag around with you everywhere, it should be designed to support more than just grocery shopping. Its style, its function, and its emotion should let you pick up that gallon of milk, but it should also work if you’re headed to the gym, to a nice restaurant with friends, or even to a whirlwind trip through Indonesia.

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