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FLIGHT 001 (pronounced flight one) was conceived in 1998 aboard Air France flight 023 somewhere between New York and Paris. John Sencion and Brad John, two business travelers who had spent far too much time preparing for their trip, envisioned a travel store as streamlined as flight itself. Luckily for travelers of every kind, their mid-air detour resulted in a jet setter's dream: an all-inclusive, retro modern retail experience that satisfies the frequent traveler's every need.

For over 15 years now, Flight 001 has been scouring the globe for products as functional and unique as the travelers that frequent the stores. When not curating the best travel products in the world, Flight 001 has and continues to develop travel products for the world.

Flight 001

22331-150.jpg Flight 001 - Carry On Bottle Set - 7 pcs
Item 22331


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Set includes 7 empty travel sized bottles in a variety of sizes all under 3 oz. Packaged in a reusable transparent quart-size zip pouch.

22330-150.jpg Flight 001 - Fill + Fly Bottles Set - 4 pcs
Item 22330


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Set includes 2 small and 2 large reusable, refillable, leak-proof, shatter-resistant vacuum bottles packaged in a zip-top bag. Designed to eliminate product waste, this set is carry-on approved. Small bottles are 2 oz, and large bottles are 3 oz.

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