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Parisian icon, Fifi Chacnil's lingerie has long been known to poetically evoke the spirit of the cute Parisian girl, both sentimental and seductive.

An essence of pure femininity with all the contradictions it implies, this fanciful creation starts gently with sharp notes of citrus and coriander mingled with the sweetness of rose that gives it a powdery tone. The amber gives its oriental touch but, enhanced by the tobacco, it takes an insolent character! Already a Beautyhabit staff favorite - perfect packaging and a delightful, sexy scent!

Fifi Chachnil

26162-150.jpg Fifi Chachnil - Fifi Eau de Toilette - 70 ml
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An essence of pure femininity.

Fifi fragrance is an unconventional perfume of intense femininity, with all the contradictions it implies: fancy and subtlety, deep notes almost masculine, insolence and tenderness.

It starts lightly on the spicy notes of citrus fruits and coriander mixed to the powdered sweetness of rose. Amber brings its oriental harmony, spiced up insolently by tobacco.

In the tradition of the great classics, its surprising harmonies sound in a natural way.

14749-150.jpg Fifi Chachnil - Fifi Eau de Parfum - 70 ml
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Fifi Chachnil’s signature fragrance ‘Fifi’ is an essence of pure femininity of which Fifi herself designed with sharp tones of citrus, coriander, sweet powdery rose, amber for an oriental touch and note enhancing tobacco to compliment everything that being a girl honors and contradicts

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