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During the precious time of becoming a mother, caring for your skin with organic goodness is essential. Erbaviva’s organic Mommy-to-Be collection of products supports both the physical and emotional well-being of expectant mothers using only premium ingredients from nature, assuring the safest and purest approach to pregnancy care. Nurture the body and soul with true organic luxury specially made for maternity and motherhood.

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Erbaviva Mommy to Be

28484-150.jpg Erbaviva - Mommy Essentials Gift Box - 3 pcs
Item 28484


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A perfect treat for every mother-to-be. Nourishing and luxuriant Stretch Mark Oil and Stretch Mark Cream boosts elasticity and hydrates skin as mother’s tummy grows. Back Rub Oil is a soothing organic massage oil custom-blended for pregnancy and relieving back pain often present during later months. These items are essential for caring for sensitive and changing skin during pregnancy.

20070-150.jpg Erbaviva - Belly Butter - 3.5 oz
Item 20070


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Nourish your growing belly with this ultra-rich and smooth Belly Butter. Ease the itchiness, stretch marks, and dryness that comes with pregnancy. Utilizing the moisturizing properties of Fair Trade Cocoa Butter and the healing properties of Carrot Seed Oil, Erbaviva Belly Butter is a great choice for your growing needs.

15644-150.jpg Erbaviva - Quease-Ease Organic Lip Balm - 0.09 oz
Item 15644


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This great Lip Balm fits easily in your pocket or purse is perfect for calming mommy’s queasy stomach. With long lasting, hydrating effects, it will smooth right on and tingle from essential oils of Ginger and Peppermint. Petroleum free, and almost 100% organic, this Lip Balm is safe and healthy for mommy-to-be.

15645-150.jpg Erbaviva - Refreshing Organic Foot Balm - 1.4 oz
Item 15645


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Refreshing Foot Balm doesn’t just smell great and warm the skin, it has essential oils of grapefruit and cypress to help stimulate circulation while relieving swollen feet with Ginger, Cypress and Lavender. Petroleum free and almost 100% organic, Mommy can rub in this Foot Balm several times a day.

15544-150.jpg Erbaviva - Mommy Travel Kit - 4 pcs
Item 15544


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Pamper yourself wherever you go with a wonderful sampling of Erbaviva products to help nurture yourself! This Mommy-to-be Travel Kit includes Erbaviva's best-selling products.

• Mommy-To-Be Milk Bath 1.75 oz
• Stretch Mark Cream 1 oz
• Stretch Mark Oil 1 oz
• Quease-Ease Lip Balm 0.09 oz

23075-150.jpg Erbaviva - Hand Cream - 2.5 oz
Item 23075


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With skin rejuvenating extracts and essential oils of orange and neroli blossom.

Erbaviva hand cream combines the antioxidant benefits of rosemary extract and the skin rejuvenating properties of Commiphora mukul, to bring you an essential remedy for dull, dry skin. Provides instant hydration and relief.

26005-150.jpg Erbaviva - Awaken Spray - 3.4 oz
Item 26005


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The perfect pick me up to keep on your desk at work. Spritz a little on hair and clothing and let our custom lemongrass, melissa and rose blend lift your spirits. Use in the house before a party or meeting to encourage positive, upbeat energy.

26007-150.jpg Erbaviva - Breathe Spray - 3.4 oz
Item 26007


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Infuse your rooms and workspace with the uplifting vibe of our Breathe Room & Body Spray. Use on drapes, rugs, lamp shades, clothing, and hair to refresh and open the senses. Spray a little on your sheets at night to aid in nighttime breathing.

26006-150.jpg Erbaviva - Embrace Spray - 3.4 oz
Item 26006


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Create an exotic atmosphere at home or work with this luscious blend of grapefruit, orange and jasmine in organic alcohol. Spray on rugs, upholstery, and pillows or use as a refreshing therapeutic mist for body or hair.

26004-150.jpg Erbaviva - Relax Spray - 3.4 oz
Item 26004


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A refreshing therapeutic body mist to spray on hair or clothing. Also delightful sprayed into a room for a relaxing effect while infusing a fresh natural smell. Spritz a little on sheets, blankets and pillowcases at bedtime for a tranquil sleep.

23115-150.jpg Erbaviva - Jasmine Orange Lip Balm - 5 g
Item 23115


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Nourish and protect lips with this nutrient-rich, long-lasting organic lip balm.

23116-150.jpg Erbaviva - Vanilla Grapefruit Lip Balm - 5 g
Item 23116


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Nourish and protect lips with this nutrient-rich, long-lasting organic lip balm.

Not just for Babies!
Enjoy a full-size Erbaviva Relax Body Wash with your $40 or more Erbaviva purchase - a $17 value - your gift! Erbaviva is free from animal testing, artificial fragrances and dyes and uses the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils to make healthful soaps, oils, and cleansing treatments - for the entire family!

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