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Erbaviva Gift Sets

28483-150.jpg Erbaviva - Signature Essentials Gift Box - 3 pcs
Item 28483


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Give the gift of pure daily bliss with Erbaviva’s Signature Essentials Gift Box. Award-winning Erbaviva Jasmine Grapefruit Organic Deodorant is bright, fresh smelling and highly effective deodorant spray. Vanilla Grapefruit Lip Balm nourishes and protects lips while our Sunscreen SPF 30 provides a high level of UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection without use of unwanted synthetic or chemical ingredients.

28484-150.jpg Erbaviva - Mommy Essentials Gift Box - 3 pcs
Item 28484


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A perfect treat for every mother-to-be. Nourishing and luxuriant Stretch Mark Oil and Stretch Mark Cream boosts elasticity and hydrates skin as mother’s tummy grows. Back Rub Oil is a soothing organic massage oil custom-blended for pregnancy and relieving back pain often present during later months. These items are essential for caring for sensitive and changing skin during pregnancy.

28485-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Essentials Gift Box - 3 pcs
Item 28485


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A little box of luxuries featuring Baby Shampoo, Baby Cream and Baby Oil. Lavender and chamomile infused Baby Shampoo is ultra-mild and gentle enough for newborns. Baby Cream is a moisture-rich cream naturally formulated for the most delicate and tender skin. And the Baby Oil is the ultimate in hydration and protection of delicate skin infused with pure organic essential oils of lavender, mandarin and chamomile.

16200-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Care Gift Set - 4 pcs
Item 16200


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Erbaviva understands that baby’s delicate skin needs safe and natural protection wherever they are. This Baby Travel Kit will keep baby clean, fresh and moisturized during any trip. The kit includes four necessities: organic Baby Lip & Cheek Balm, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo and Diaper cream; zipped up in any easy-to-grab pouch! Now you can nurture baby with these natural and organic ingredients anywhere you go.

• Organic Lip & Cheeck Balm 0.6 oz
• Baby Shampoo 1 oz
• Baby Lotion 1 oz
• Diaper Cream 1 oz

15544-150.jpg Erbaviva - Mommy Travel Kit - 4 pcs
Item 15544


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Pamper yourself wherever you go with a wonderful sampling of Erbaviva products to help nurture yourself! This Mommy-to-be Travel Kit includes Erbaviva's best-selling products.

• Mommy-To-Be Milk Bath 1.75 oz
• Stretch Mark Cream 1 oz
• Stretch Mark Oil 1 oz
• Quease-Ease Lip Balm 0.09 oz

Not just for Babies!
Enjoy a full-size Erbaviva Relax Body Wash with your $40 or more Erbaviva purchase - a $17 value - your gift! Erbaviva is free from animal testing, artificial fragrances and dyes and uses the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils to make healthful soaps, oils, and cleansing treatments - for the entire family!

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