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Baby deserves best ~ beneficial botanicals, nature’s nurturing essences and the purest all-natural ingredients. The Erbaviva organic baby skincare line is consciously crafted for newborn and baby’s highly absorbing and delicate skin. Expertly formulated exclusively from nature, Erbaviva’s premium baby products are completely free from artificial fragrances, dyes and chemical additives and are never tested on animals. Distinctively pure, authentically nurturing.

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Erbaviva Baby Care

29873-150.jpg Erbaviva - Limited Edition Winter Organic Baby Butter - 1.75 oz
Item 29873


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For a limited time, this product arrives with an adorable Winter zippered muslin pouch.

Unbelievably smooth and nourishing, this hydrating butter will caress your baby's delicate skin, literally melting on contact and supplying the skin with much needed moisture and protection from the elements. Made with Fair Trade Cocoa Butter. USDA Certified Organic.

28485-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Essentials Gift Box - 3 pcs
Item 28485


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A little box of luxuries featuring Baby Shampoo, Baby Cream and Baby Oil. Lavender and chamomile infused Baby Shampoo is ultra-mild and gentle enough for newborns. Baby Cream is a moisture-rich cream naturally formulated for the most delicate and tender skin. And the Baby Oil is the ultimate in hydration and protection of delicate skin infused with pure organic essential oils of lavender, mandarin and chamomile.

26010-150.jpg Erbaviva - Organic Cotton Baby Bib - 1 pc
Item 26010


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This soft, comfortable easy-tie bib is made from the finest 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Embroidered with the Erbaviva Baby for a touch of whimsy.

26008-150.jpg Erbaviva - Organic Cotton Baby Hooded Towel - 1 pc
Item 26008


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Surround your baby in warmth and comfort after bath time with Erbaviva’s Baby Hooded Towel. This ultra-soft, absorbent towel is made from the finest GOTS certified organic cotton. Perfect for baby's delicate skin.

26009-150.jpg Erbaviva - Organic Cotton Washcloth - 1 pc
Item 26009


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Gently wash baby with the plush softness of GOTS certified organic cotton. The Erbaviva washcloth is a perfect accessory for Erbaviva Baby Soap and Baby Wash.

22326-150.jpg Erbaviva - Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 - 2.5 oz
Item 22326


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Erbaviva's mission has been to create an all-natural sunscreen, with the highest possible SPF, using no synthetic ingredients. This is a cream you can feel completely safe applying to your child or baby's skin, with out doing more harm than good (as is often the case with other sunscreens). Lightly scented with Organic Lavender and Chamomile essential oils. Great for adults too, with its sheer, non-greasy, and non-chemical formula. For face and body.

22302-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Body Wash - 6 oz
Item 22302


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A mild yet effective baby body wash that is gentle enough for the most delicate of skin. Enriched with skin nourishing calendula and oat extracts, and soothing chamomile for a calming bath time experience. A unique and pleasantly light chamomile and mandarin scent.

10926-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Washbags - 20 sachets
Item 10926


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Unique to Erbaviva, the Baby Washbag is the gentlest way to bathe your child. The Organic Baby Washbag was developed as a cleansing product soft and natural enough for the newborn baby. Cleansing but not drying it was designed to maintain the necessary oils natural to skin and important for good hydration, while leaving baby clean and fresh. The Organic Baby Washbag is an unbleached muslin sachet, filled solely with herbal ingredients, exuding a delightful aroma. Contains no soap. Cleans beautifully without drying the skin. One sachet is placed in the child's bath and gently rubbed on baby's skin for a soft cleansing straight from nature.

10924-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Soap - 4 oz Bar
Item 10924


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Probably the mildest soap you will find made with love and care to delicately nurture you or your baby's tender skin. Erbaviva's Baby Soap contains only the highest quality natural ingredients. Pure milk, honey and essential oil of lavender are blended together to enhance the creamy rich lather. Non-drying to the skin, extra mild for all skin types.

10923-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Shampoo - 6 oz
Item 10923


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This uniquely mild and natural shampoo uses a blend of oregon grape extract for added benefit to the scalp and organic essential oils, making this shampoo as mild and natural as is possible. Gentle enough for newborns, great for the whole family. Also ideal for people with sensitive skin. While the shampoo is free from all harsh and harmful detergents, it lathers beautifully with the help of Quillaja (the bark extract from a tree). Finally that shampoo you have been looking for is here!

13962-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Lotion - 6 oz
Item 13962


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Luxurious and natural body lotion for use after bath or at any time baby needs moisturizing. Moisturize and protect, with shea butter and organic mandarin.

10922-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Oil - 4 oz
Item 10922


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Delicately scented with Mandarin, Erbaviva's Baby Oil is indispensable in caring for baby's skin. Use it after the bath for hydration and protection, use it in the diaper area to keep skin clean and balanced, or use it on baby's tender cheeks in cold weather.

10921-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Cream - 4.2 oz
Item 10921


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This light and natural Baby Cream is carefully made from very high quality natural ingredients. Super-clean and nourishing to even the most tender baby skin. Lightly scented with Erbaviva's blend of Organic Lavender and Chamomile essential oils.

10930-150.jpg Erbaviva - Diaper Cream - 2.5 oz
Item 10930


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This Diaper Cream is made of a completely natural cream base with active proportions of Echinacea, to heal and protect. Echinacea has long been used as a topical wound healer, to reduce redness, inflammation and pain. Scented with the healing organic essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile, this Diaper Cream is sure to put a smile on baby's face.

15647-150.jpg Erbaviva - Sniffles Organic Chest Balm - 1.75 oz
Item 15647


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Now you can help calm and ease baby's cough and cold symptoms with organic essential oils of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Myrrh. Cypress essential oil also helps deliver natural healing and antiviral ingredients into baby's chest, back and neck when they don’t feel well. Our new chest balm is petroleum free and almost 100% organic.

20069-150.jpg Erbaviva - Organic Baby Butter - 1.75 oz
Item 20069


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Unbelievably smooth and nourishing, this hydrating butter will caress your baby's delicate skin, literally melting on contact and supplying the skin with much needed moisture and protection from the elements. Made with Fair Trade Cocoa Butter. USDA Certified Organic.

15646-150.jpg Erbaviva - Organic Lip and Cheek Balm - 0.6 oz
Item 15646


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For chapped lips, cheeks, and hands, this organic baby balm helps moisturize and heal dry skin while creating a barrier between baby's skin and dry or cold weather. Rosemary extract gives the balm natural antioxidants, while chamomile comforts baby. With a great taste and smell, the whole family will love this easy-to-apply wide stick. USDA Certified Organic.

21135-150.jpg Erbaviva - Organic Buzz Spray - 4 oz
Item 21135


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Erbaviva's mission to create the highest quality organic products available continues as they introduce their Organic Buzz Spray! Meeting the highest standards of USDA and Biodynamic certifications this spray can be used without worry of harsh chemicals and mysterious synthetics. A special blend of essential oils create a pleasant sweet citrus and woodsy aroma that is sure to be kind to even the most sensitive of senses. This tried and true product is safe for baby and perfect for the whole family! Dry to touch.

16200-150.jpg Erbaviva - Baby Care Gift Set - 4 pcs
Item 16200


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Erbaviva understands that baby’s delicate skin needs safe and natural protection wherever they are. This Baby Travel Kit will keep baby clean, fresh and moisturized during any trip. The kit includes four necessities: organic Baby Lip & Cheek Balm, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo and Diaper cream; zipped up in any easy-to-grab pouch! Now you can nurture baby with these natural and organic ingredients anywhere you go.

• Organic Lip & Cheeck Balm 0.6 oz
• Baby Shampoo 1 oz
• Baby Lotion 1 oz
• Diaper Cream 1 oz

Not just for Babies!
Enjoy a full-size Erbaviva Relax Body Wash with your $40 or more Erbaviva purchase - a $17 value - your gift! Erbaviva is free from animal testing, artificial fragrances and dyes and uses the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils to make healthful soaps, oils, and cleansing treatments - for the entire family!

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