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Dr. Eckstein Facial Products treat a variety of skin care concerns. Each is formulated with high quality natural ingredients. Therapeutic yet gentle. Imported from Germany.

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Dr. Eckstein Travel Friendly Sizes 3 oz or Less

23511-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Azulen Paste - Tinted - 0.5 oz
Item 23511


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Calming and balancing tinted paste for skin conditions with tendency to impurities. Provides optimal coverage. Helps support the natural regeneration abilities of the skin and to improve its normalizing and balancing process.

18493-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Active Concentrate Impure Complex - 1 oz
Item 18493


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Impure Skin Complex is a rich essential concentrate recommended for oily skin conditions with a tendency to impurities, acne or seborrhea. Formulated to help normalize and balance oily skin, enlarged pores and other impure skin conditions. Herbal extracts help to reduce pore size and remove excess oils. Impure Skin Complex leaves the skin feeling toned, refined and radiant.

10649-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - AHA Biofruit Liposome Complex - 1 oz Pump
Item 10649


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For all skin types - except extremely sensitive. Helps to rid the skin of dead skin build-up. Improves skin tone and diminishes fine lines - also helps oily and impure skin. A hydrating gel formula - non oily.

10656-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Azulen Balsam Facial Balm - 1.66 oz
Item 10656


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Soothing and harmonizing skin-care formula for dry/sensitive skin that shows a distinct tendency to impurities. Contains azulene and camomile extract. Apply and massage in gently.

12295-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Azulen Milcheiweiss Night Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 12295


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Cream for sensitive, easily irritated skin with a tendancy to reddening. Contains azulene and lactalbumin. Apply and massage in gently. For sensitive skin.

10653-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Azulen Paste - 0.5 oz
Item 10653


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An ointment for treating skin impurities. Helps prevent scarring - also helps to speed the healing process. Dab on locally.

10654-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Azulen Powder - 20 g
Item 10654


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Soothes and comforts oily break out prone skin. Contains a healing mixture of Rice Starch, Sulfur, and Zinc. Apply locally.

10655-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Azulen Supreme Night Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 10655


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A superb night cream for delicate and sensitive skin types. Soothes redness and care for the skin with chamomile and azulen extracts.

10657-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Biocor Supreme Rich Night Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 10657


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Stimulate and vitalizes the skin - recommended for dry and mature skin types. Promotes circulation and smooths fine lines.

10658-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Blossom Moisture Day Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 10658


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A lightweight, refreshing cream for "normal to combination" skin types - It contains biogenic germ extracts, retinol, vitamin e, and the finest blossom oils.

10659-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Calendula Creme Night Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 10659


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A light an refreshing cream with calendula extract and lactoflavin - ideal for normal to combination skin types.

10660-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Carotene Moisture Creme Night Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 10660


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A delightful cream for normal to dry skin - rich in carotene and precious plant oils.

10661-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Chamomile and Azulene Facial Pack - 1.66 oz
Item 10661


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A mild balancing treatment for sensitive skin - with a tendency towards irritation and reddening. Contains Azulene and Chamomile Extracts.

13475-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Collagen Balsam Facial Balm - 1.66 oz
Item 13475


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Rich, emollient formula provides protecting and moisturizing benefits for a demanding skin. Marine collagen, NMF and precious plant oils maintain the water-absorbing capability. Cytokincomplex modulates the cell processes and has thus a positive impact on elasticity and turgor of the skin. With UV-filter.

13476-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Collagen Supreme Night Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 13476


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Night cream for the intensive care with high contents of active ingredients and moisture enriching capability to maintain the skin's elasticity. Contains marine collagen, cytokin-complex, natural oils and fats to improve the turgor of the skin.

10666-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Augen Pflegebalsam - Eyecare Balm - 0.5 oz
Item 10666


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Helps to increase the elasticity and tone of the delicate eye area. A lightweight and soothing cream.

10667-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Face Peeling Scrub - Gesichts Peeling - 1.66 oz
Item 10667


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A delicate, fine-grained face peeling for mild exfoliation of keratinized cells and gentle removal of skin impurities.

18492-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Krauter Balsam Facial Balm - 1.66 oz
Item 18492


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Krauter (Herb) Balsam is a rich essential formula specially designed to normalize and balance impure skin conditions.

10670-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Krauter Supreme Night Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 10670


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An herbal skin cream for impure skin with normalizing and rebalancing effects. Contains selected herbal extracts, shale oil, sulfur and vitamins A & E.

10672-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Liposome Gel - 1 oz Pump
Item 10672


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A super repair gel! Helps all skin types. Preserves the youthful appearance of young skin and revitalizes mature skin. Helps to repair damage from harmful environmental influences. How it works: Highly effective water-soluble ingredients are enclosed in microscopic hollow spheres - contains wheat germ extract (vitalizes skin and improves metabolism), B-Complex Vitamins (stimulates cell functions), and Mannite (to effectively moisturize the skin).

10677-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Lip Balm - 1 oz
Item 10677


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A great healing lip balm!

10678-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Vitamin Gel Pack - 1.66 oz
Item 10678


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A skin strengthening and rejuvenating facial pack. Contains vitamins A, E and essential fatty acids. Great for glowing skin!

18482-150.jpg Dr. Eckstein - Vitamin Supreme Night Cream - 1.66 oz
Item 18482


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Protecting night cream for all skin types. Enriched with a powerful vitamin complex to protect from the damaging effects of weather, climate, and against environmental causes of premature aging. Keeps oil and moisture in balance to maintain a healthy looking skin. Especially recommended during the colder months of the year. Contains vitamins A and E, lanolin, beeswax and the pro-vitamin beta-carotene.

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