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Inspired by the enchanting aromas of the Mediterranean and the refined charm of Hotel le Sirenuse, Eau d'Italie is a collection of uniquely Italian bath and body products.

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Eau d'Italie Bath & Body

26296-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Fig & Berries Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 26296


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Sunny and fruity, a vibrant and energising blend of notes of fig, blackberry leaves, osmanthus and iris wood.

29979-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Frankincense & Myrrh Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 29979


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A gorgeous blend of warm and seductive notes of Frankincense & Myrrh.

Frankincense, myrrh and amber.

26298-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Peony & Violet Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 26298


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Peony, violet and white flowers. A walk in a garden in full bloom on a sunny spring day.

26293-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Pomegranate & Freesia Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 26293


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Warm and mood enhancing, a comforting fruity floral, with notes of pomegranate, pear, freesia and hibiscus.

26292-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Pure Petals Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 26292


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A delicate floral with gentle notes of rosebud and gooseberry. Like entering a florist's shop.

Rosebud, Gooseberry, White Woods and Musk.

26297-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Sandalwood & Vanilla Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 26297


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A cozy, seductive blend of precious aromatic notes of sandalwood and vanilla. Warm and velvety like wrapping yourself in a cashmere shawl.

26295-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Tea & Rose Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 26295


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An elegant floral, with notes of green tea, rose petals, bergamot and lily of the valley.

26294-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Verbena & Sage Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 26294


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Green and herbal, with clean notes of verbena, pine needles, sage and cedar wood.

23420-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Liquid Soap - 300 ml
Item 23420


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A mild liquid soap to clean and soothe hands. Its natural, non-drying formulation nourishes and hydrates the skin, leaving hands soft and divinely scented with Eau d'Italie, the signature fragrance of Hotel Le Sirenuse.

23418-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Scented Soap - 3 x 100 g
Item 23418


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A luxurious gift box containing soaps embossed on both sides with the logo of the Positano's fabulous hotel Le Sirenuse and perfumed with its Eau d'Italie signature fragrance. Triple-milled with high quality ingredients, it cleans the skin leaving it soft and deliciously scented.

23419-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Bath Salts - 500 g
Item 23419


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A beautiful box containing pure saline crystals scented with Eau d'Italie, Le Sirenuse' signature fragrance. A deeply relaxing bath that soothes mind and body, allowing you the luxury of taking time to pamper yourself. One handful of salts is enough to fragrance bath and bathroom.

21658-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Body Milk - 200 ml
Item 21658


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This creamy rich milk for dry, tired, sun-worn skin absorbs quickly without leaving any residue, and is an excellent moisturizer. A wonderful way to layer Eau d'Italie's exquisite fragrance to make it last even longer.

21656-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Shampoo - 200 ml
Item 21656


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This delicate shampoo, rich in texture and easy to rinse, gently cleanses all types of hair, maintaining the natural equilibrium of the scalp and leaving hair feeling supple and lightly scented.

23421-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Conditioner - 200 ml
Item 23421


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This conditioning hair balm has been formulated to treat and detangle hair damaged by the drying and nutrient-depleting effects of sun, chlorine and sea. Ideal for all types of hair, it's easy to rinse and leaves hair smelling divine.

21654-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Shower Gel - 200 ml
Item 21654


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Lightly scented with the Eau d'Italie fragrance, it can be used as a gently cleansing shower gel or for a luxurious bubble bath, leaving skin feeling fresh and delicious.

23294-150.jpg Eau d'Italie - Travel Kit - 5 pcs
Item 23294


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The essential Eau d'Italie Travel Kit comes in a carry-on approved transparent pouch, containing a collection of Le Sirenuse bath and body products in travel-friendly sizes, plus a sachet of bath salts for a luxury soak when you step off the plane. Ideal as a gift and for all travel needs, and deliciously scented with Eau d'Italie, the signature fragrance of Positano's Hotel Le Sirenuse.

• Shower Gel - 2.5 oz
• Body Milk - 2.5 oz
• Shampoo - 2.5 oz
• Conditioner - 2.5 oz
• Scented Bath Salts - 1.06 oz

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