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For over 20 years, Jean Louis Sebagh has been the secret name behind some of the world's most famous faces. Treating patients worldwide, he has built a reputation as the doctor who doesn't just make people look younger, he makes them look better.

Combining his expertise, knowledge and an aesthetic eye with the latest and most trusted anti-aging technology, he is the doctor that those in the know rely on to keep looking good. With the launch of his incredible new skincare range, now everyone can experience the unique 'Sebagh Effect.' With each product targeting to treat a specific skin care concern, this highly active and advanced range takes anti-aging skin care to a new level of effectiveness.

Dr. Sebagh

17600-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - Breakout Spot-On - 15 ml
Item 17600


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For all skin types, this handy spot fighting treatment gently purifies and dries blemishes whilst calming and reducing redness and tightening pores. Apply directly to blemishes at any time of the day Helps neutralize redness. It’s great to have one at home and one in your handbag.

17469-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - Deep Exfoliating Mask Sensitive Skin Formulation - 50 ml
Item 17469


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Exfoliating is a critical step in skin lightening and brightening because as we age the natural process of cell turnover slows down leaving skin duller, drier and less smooth. Exfoliates the dead layers of the skin for faster cell turnover. Reduce sensitivity and redness. Azelaïc Acid Helps reduce pigmentation, particularly useful for darker skinned patients with pigmented acne scars and melasma (pregnancy mask).

20175-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - Eye Primer Lift - Eye Contour Gel - 15 ml
Item 20175


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This super lightweight formulation is instantly absorbed upon application and has been developed to provide an impressive instant lifting and tightening effect on the oft-too ignored eye area.

16864-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - For Your Eyes Only - 15 ml
Item 16864


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Combat puffy eyes with this unique combination has been designed to reduce puffiness, while also providing rich hydration to restore a youthful look to the eye area. Containing powerful enzymes to shrink the capillaries that cause unsightly blueish shadows with added ingredients to break down excess fat deposits that form bags under the eyes.

20844-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - Luminous Glow - 50 ml
Item 20844


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Luminous Glow is a significant development for Dr Sebagh Advanced Anti-aging skin care. This new complexion booster provides the skin with an immediate glow. It is an essential part of the new generation of hybrid skincare, which flawlessly combines effective anti-aging benefits with extraordinary “quick fix” cosmetic properties. The lightweight, easy-to-wear formulation is easily absorbed, making it a flawless make-up primer. With its outstanding long lasting results, it is a beauty must-have that helps erase the signs of fatigue and leaves the skin looking and feeling younger, firmer, softer, healthier and with that allusive radiance.

16862-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - Natural Replenishing Cream - 50 ml
Item 16862


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An intensive moisturizing treatment brings immediate improvement to sun-damaged sensitive and prematurely aged skin. Contains a Natural phytohormone complex (Isoflavone + Phytosterol) to replenish skin weakened by a depletory of younger hormones (pre-menopause, menopause)

19561-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - Rose de Vie Serum - 30 ml
Item 19561


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A revolutionary replenishing, calming and healing serum. Dr. Sebagh introduces an intensely moisturizing and replenishing serum to his cosmeceutical skincare line that calms irritated and very sensitive skin. Rose de Vie is a silky serum with a non-greasy texture, which leaves a protective, non-comedogenic, non-occlusive film to restore the skin’s suppleness and elasticity, whilst maintaining its healthy condition. It also has an anti-ageing and anti-oxidant benefit, reduces redness and protects and smoothes the skin.

16863-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - Serum Repair - Revitalizing Serum - 20 ml
Item 16863


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Serum Repair is a unique, highly concentrated formulation containing Micro Molecular Collagen a patented Peptide, with Palmitoyl (P*) to ensure the rapid absorption of collagen. Hyaluronic Acid, naturally present in the skin is a powerful humectant, which means it is capable of both attracting and retaining moisture, many times more than it's own weight.

26131-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - Skin Perfecting Mask - 150 ml
Item 26131


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A purifying, anti pollution mask that refines and refreshes the skin whilst providing deep cleansing.

16869-150.jpg Dr. Sebagh - High Maintenance Hand Creme - 75 ml
Item 16869


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An advanced anti-aging cream to help protect the beautiful, youthful look of your hands. Works to soften, soothe and protect from environmental stresses, improve skin tone and resilience.

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