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Dr.Ci:Labo Special Care Treatments

26518-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Super WHITE377 Ultra - 18 g
Item 26518


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A new and advanced version, maintains the same level of complete gentleness to the skin as the original SUPER WHITE377 but is formulated with *300% more WHITE 377 in order to deliver an even greater brightening effect. WHITE 377 is a new brightening ingredient as well as a new polyphenol ingredient. Additionally, SUPER WHITE 377 ULTRA is formulated with Resveratrol and Pycnogenol® to aggressively and reliably work on chronic dark spots and skin dullness. Resveratrol (extracted from a French grape) is a powerful antioxidant. Pycnogenol® (extracted from the French Maritime pine tree) provides multiple effects. Moreover, this Beauty cream helps minimize reactive oxygen species, which are closely related to the signs of aging, and thereby makes the skin environment less prone to the appearance of dark spots.

20845-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Super WHITE377 EX - 18 g
Item 20845


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The most advanced version of the original SUPER WHITE377! *200% more powerful than before delivering an even greater brightening effect! Formulated with more cutting edge brightening ingredients! Formulated with Vitamin P and *200% more VK Eye Clear ingredients, which prevent the look of reduced skin clarity caused by poor blood circulation as well as the dark circles under the eyes.

*Compared to the amount used in SUPER WHITE377. (We recommend that first time user start with the original version of "SUPER WHITE377".)

20630-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Aqua-Collagen-Gel BI HA KU with Bonus BB Perfect Cream Natural - 120 g
Item 20630


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For a Limited Time - this item arrives with a deluxe 7 g BB Perfect Cream Natural (an $11 value)!

BI•HA•KU is a trendy Japanese word which means “Beautiful Brighten & Translucent skin”. Aqua-Collagen-Gel BI•HA•KU alone can take care of dullness and dark spots while making the skin firm and resilient.

20629-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Aqua-Collagen-Gel BI HA KU - 50 g
Item 20629


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BI•HA•KU is a trendy Japanese word which means “Beautiful Brighten & Translucent skin”. Aqua-Collagen-Gel BI•HA•KU alone can take care of dullness and dark spots while making the skin firm and resilient.

19976-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Hyaluronic Acid Super Concentrated Serum - 2.04 oz
Item 19976


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*On temporary backorder from manufacturer.
You may still order - you will not be charged until item ships.

Dr. Ci:Labo’s Hyaluronic Acid (Super Concentrated Serum) is made of undiluted hyaluronic acid or formulated with a high percentage of hyaluronic acid, making it possible to deliver definite results to troubled skin within just a short time. General skincare products contain only a small percentage of this extremely precious, expensive ingredient. Simply by adding this to a product you are using right now, you can create an original skincare product just the way you like it.

17121-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Aqua-Collagen-Gel Deep Moisture Mask - 5 Sheets
Item 17121


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One mask contains a full 33 ml of liquid beautifying ingredients. In addition to marine collagen, hyaluronan, ceramide, the Aqua-Collagen-Gel Deep Moisture Mask contains Lipidure, a substance with even more moisturizing and penetrative power than hyaluronan.

18125-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Aqua-In-Derm DN-Essence - 1.7 oz
Item 18125


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Even the highest grade ingredients cannot produce their effects unless they can reach the deepest layers of the skin. Aqua-In-Derm DN-Essence can temporarily loosen the surface barrier that interferes with beauty ingredients' penetration, and deliver them to the deep skin layer. Just apply the Essence gently over the face before your skincare routine; it conditions your skin so it is ready to accept beauty ingredients contained in lotions and creams. This simple step enables your skin to benefit from all the effective ingredients of your skincare products.

15571-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Ci Water Spray Mist - 110 g
Item 15571


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** Due to FAA restrictions, this item is not available for Expedited or International Shipping.

Ci Water Spray Mist quickly and easily moisturizes dehydrated skin caused by a harsh environment, such as sunshine, pollution and air conditioning in offices. Marine collagen in Ci Water Spray Mist helps its ingredients to penetrate intensely and quickly moisturize skin. A mineral oil-free, fragrance-free, color-free, and non-petroleum surfactant product.

15511-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Pore White Peel - 80 ml
Item 15511


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Healthy skin is reborn in 28-day cycles. However, when old cells cannot be replaced by new cells, skin starts to show aging signs such as roughness, dull complexion, acne and spots. If you have these symptoms, try Pore White Peel. It cleanses pores through gentle exfoliation: the old dead skin cells come off, leaving fresh, bright and supple skin. With Pore White Peel, exfoliation is much easier, faster and safer.

19213-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Super White 377 - 18 g
Item 19213


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Relentlessly fights against regularly appearing dark spots and skin dullness with the use of 3 advanced polyphenols:

• White 377: A new polyphenol developed using an ingredient of the European Red Pine
• Resveratrol: A polyphenol extracted from grapes
• Pycnogenol: A polyphenol extracted from French Maritime Pine

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