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Innovative technology from Japan brings a totally new concept in skin care, combining anti-aging strategy with a brightening formula that reduces wrinkles and deeply moisturizes the skin, based on scientific discovery and natural herbal essences.

Extreme Close Up products all contain VC-IP (oil soluble Vitamin C derivative). Unlike unstable Vitamin C, which becomes oxidized when exposed to air, VC-IP reaches deep inside the skin to contract pores and brighten the skin.

You will see the results in a matter of weeks: lightening dark pigment and age spots, and visible brightening and smoothness associated with new skin.

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Dr.Ci:Labo Brightening

26518-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Super WHITE377 Ultra - 18 g
Item 26518


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A new and advanced version, maintains the same level of complete gentleness to the skin as the original SUPER WHITE377 but is formulated with *300% more WHITE 377 in order to deliver an even greater brightening effect. WHITE 377 is a new brightening ingredient as well as a new polyphenol ingredient. Additionally, SUPER WHITE 377 ULTRA is formulated with Resveratrol and Pycnogenol® to aggressively and reliably work on chronic dark spots and skin dullness. Resveratrol (extracted from a French grape) is a powerful antioxidant. Pycnogenol® (extracted from the French Maritime pine tree) provides multiple effects. Moreover, this Beauty cream helps minimize reactive oxygen species, which are closely related to the signs of aging, and thereby makes the skin environment less prone to the appearance of dark spots.

22005-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Extreme Close Up Cleansing Gel - 120 g
Item 22005


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A creamy cleanser dedicated to providing "high cleansing power" to thoroughly remove makeup and excess sebum from your skin as you brighten it.

Formulated with coconut oil, olive oil and other plant derived cleansing ingredients, achieves "superior cleansing power" while it works well with the skin and provides excellent moisture retention.

20845-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Super WHITE377 EX - 18 g
Item 20845


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The most advanced version of the original SUPER WHITE377! *200% more powerful than before delivering an even greater brightening effect! Formulated with more cutting edge brightening ingredients! Formulated with Vitamin P and *200% more VK Eye Clear ingredients, which prevent the look of reduced skin clarity caused by poor blood circulation as well as the dark circles under the eyes.

*Compared to the amount used in SUPER WHITE377. (We recommend that first time user start with the original version of "SUPER WHITE377".)

15574-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Extreme Close Up Brightening Lotion - 180 ml
Item 15574


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Ultra-fine particles of soluble Vitamin C deliver moisture deep into the skin. Developed with Japan’s latest nano-technology, this citrus scented toner greatly enhances the brightening effect of ECU Brightening Gel Cream. Follow with Brightening Gel Cream with Aqua-Collagen-Gel.

15575-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Extreme Close Up Cleansing Milk - 150 ml
Item 15575


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Two forms of soluble Vitamin C in this makeup remover combine to fight free radicals and suppress melanin production while helping the skin to rejuvenate itself from the inside out.

15576-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Extreme Close Up Brightening Soap - 90 g
Item 15576


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Controls the formation of melanin brown spots and enhances the brightening effect of two extraordinary herbs, Arbutin and Leonopodium Alpinum, while thoroughly cleansing the skin. Follow with Brightening Lotion.

15512-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Extreme Close Up Deep Brightening Mask - 5 sheets
Item 15512


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Enjoy the spa experience at home! Vitamin C derivatives, Marine MDI, and natural herbs all work together to de-activate the cells that cause uneven coloration and acts to suppress an enzyme that destroys collagen. French Lavender reduces stress so your mood improves with your complexion.

19213-150.jpg Dr.Ci:Labo - Super White 377 - 18 g
Item 19213


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Relentlessly fights against regularly appearing dark spots and skin dullness with the use of 3 advanced polyphenols:

• White 377: A new polyphenol developed using an ingredient of the European Red Pine
• Resveratrol: A polyphenol extracted from grapes
• Pycnogenol: A polyphenol extracted from French Maritime Pine

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