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All the Diptyque fragrances are natural, whether they are woodsy, spicy, green, floral or fruity. It is Diptyque's proudest accomplishment to have never used a synthetic fragrance in developing its products. The individually hand-poured mini candles burn for an average of 30 hours and are made of paraffin wax with a lead-free wick.

Petite but as powerful as the traditional sizes, the mini candles come in a variety of classic diptyque scents. They can be lit alone or by combining different scents together to create a unique atmosphere. Purist or alchemist, the experience is uniquely diptyque.

A specialty of Diptyque is to allow one the opportunity to create their own fragrance! To that effect, Diptyque suggests to burn two different scents of candles at the same time. The recommendation is that the candles should be from different families of scents (do not burn two floral or two woodsy at the same time). Please note the candles should also burn far from each other so that the blend created can be best appreciated in the middle of the room.

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Diptyque Mini Candles

29876-150.jpg Diptyque - Sapin (Fir) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 29876


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A familiar yet unprecedented meeting of citrus and woody notes.

Notes: Mandarin Zest, Pine, Fir Balsam and Cedar.

29877-150.jpg Diptyque - Liquidambar Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 29877


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The red trees’ liquid amber is cloaked in the scent of brown sugar, providing a sweet and warm veil of gourmet accents.

Notes: Cinnamon and Muscovado Sugar.

29878-150.jpg Diptyque - Oliban Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 29878


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Woody accents for this balmy incense.

Notes: Incense, Benzoin, Tonka and Cedar.

29417-150.jpg Diptyque - Vanille Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 29417


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The floral elegance of vanilla orchid gradually gives way to the intensity of the pod. Spices take precedence, blending with sandalwood and elemi to reveal a balsamy Bourbon Vanilla with smooth and woody accents.

29418-150.jpg Diptyque - Noisetier (Hazelnut Tree) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 29418


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A fruity woody delight in the first signs of the autumn. A woody note with green, fruity and bitter accords of hazelnut combines the crunchy freshness of its foliage and the slightly acid roundness of its flesh. Between the freshness of its leaves and the tartness of its flesh, the Noisetier scented candle creates a unique vegetal greed.

28669-150.jpg Diptyque - Ambre (Amber) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 28669


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Mythic, rare and precious, grey amber has always fascinated. The mystery substance so rare that Arab merchants once used it as a currency as precious as gold. Used as incense for Egyptians, or an aphrodisiac spice in China. Unique notes, both subtle and enchanting, warm and leathery.

22775-150.jpg Diptyque - Baies (Berries and Bulgarian Roses) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 22775


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One of the most famous and most interesting fragrances in the Diptyque line. It is a blend of fruity and floral scents, which combines black currant leaves and Bulgarian rose essences. Ranked the No. 2 selling fragrance in the line.

22777-150.jpg Diptyque - Feu de Bois (Firewood) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 22777


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The comforting scent of a crackling fire.

22780-150.jpg Diptyque - Feuille de Lavande (Lavender Leaf) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 22780


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A classic in every French home, lavender is the most popular fragrance in the home scent category. The extract of lavender leaf is pure and comfortable and known for its calming and relaxing effect. It is a scent one always wants to have around somewhere in the house.

22776-150.jpg Diptyque - Figuier (Fig) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 22776


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Scent comes from the crushed leaves of the fig tree. It is slightly fruity, but mostly green. Figuier is one of the top four fragrances in the Diptyque line along with Tuberose, Baies and Feu de Bois.

23506-150.jpg Diptyque - Jasmine Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 23506


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Its exhilarating, sensual, delicate scents evoke Mediterranean gardens.

29173-150.jpg Diptyque - Mimosa Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 29173


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A tiny, velvety yellow bud that is most commonly found on the French Riviera in early spring. Every year in February, there is a flower festival in Nice on the Riviera and mimosa is the main flower decorating the floats navigating the streets. It has a long-lasting, pleasant odor resembling ylang-ylang.

28881-150.jpg Diptyque - Mini Candle Duo - Baies + Tuberose - 2 x 70 g
Item 28881


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A gift set including a floral scent duo of two 70g candles: Baies expresses the irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses sweetened with blackcurrant leaves. Tubéreuse, enigmatic and beguiling, deploys the captivating sensuality of this heady flower.

Baies - 70 g
Tubereuse - 70 g

29174-150.jpg Diptyque - Patchouli Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 29174


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The rich and opulent scent of patchouli, combined with notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, white musk, vanilla and moss.

29175-150.jpg Diptyque - Pomander Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 29175


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This is a cinnamon-orange potpourri of Victorian fragrances. It is also one of the first Diptyque candles that combines several essences and thus combines several notes of fragrances while burning. It completes the family of Winter/Holiday scents.

28668-150.jpg Diptyque - Roses Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 28668


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An armful of tender, changing roses that lightly evoke the world's most universally loved flowers. The feminine fragrance comes from the blending of several varieties of roses.

22779-150.jpg Diptyque - Tubereuse (Tuberose) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 22779


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By far, the uncontested No. 1 best selling fragrance on the list of Diptyque products. Tuberose is a very sensuous, heady scent, derived from a Mexican bulbous herb. It is also the most expensive floral perfume ingredient in the world.

28670-150.jpg Diptyque - Verveine (Verbena) Mini Candle - 70 g
Item 28670


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This scent is composed of a blend of fragrances all related to the citrus family (lemon, lime, citronella). It is refreshing and energizing. Its clean and green scent is most welcome around the dinner table.

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