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Travel, the very source of Diptyque's creative expression... Since the beginning, Diptyque has always pursued a passion for travel, drawing its inspiration along the routes of rare and noble essences, from the Mediterranean to the gates of the East.

Imagine these incredible journeys, driven by the senses... capturing the bliss of relaxing in the shade beneath wild fig trees; exploring Syria's sandy temples, only to better savor the cool mist of an Egyptian harbor; letting the scent of lemon trees, cloves and Damask roses in full bloom guide the way; discovering the magic light as it slips through the intricate latticework of a mashrabiya; gazing at the silver glints reflecting off olive leaves baking in the sun and stones weathered and worn by the passing of time, rich with history...

In tribute to these dreamy adventures and these unforgettable scents, Diptyque wanted to create a line uniquely inspired by the age-old rituals that invite you to rediscover a new Art of Body Care...

A sensorial, olfactory journey that takes you around the Mediterranean Sea, from Florence to Byzantium, Aleppo to Alexandria, and on to Cordoba, Spain. These incredible destinations have inspired original body care products, each with distinct rituals and captivating fragrances, to combine according to your desires.

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Diptyque L'Art du Soin

25831-150.jpg Diptyque - Eau Rose Body Veil Lotion - 6.8 oz
Item 25831


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Experience the new Eau Rose Body Lotion: A moisturizing and softening, body lotion infused with olive oil, and musk rose oil.

25832-150.jpg Diptyque - Eau Rose Hand Lotion - 1.7 oz
Item 25832


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Experience the new Eau Rose Hand Lotion with its light yet generous texture, enriched with macadamia oil and aloe vera.

25707-150.jpg Diptyque - Eau Particulière Body & Home Spray - 240 ml
Item 25707


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A symbolic atypical product from diptyque: the toilet vinegar with a fresh enveloping fragrance built around a floral green accord. Sweetness is provided by rose and musks, freshness by mint.

22979-150.jpg Diptyque - The Art of Body Care Travel - 4 pcs
Item 22979


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The Art of Body Care line takes you on a sensual, luxurious and elegant journey from the Mediterranean to the gates of the East.

• Smoothing Body Polish - 1.7 oz
• Revitalizing Shower Gel (for body & hair) - 1.7 oz
• Fresh Lotion (for the body) - 1.7 oz
• Luxurious Hand Balm - 1 oz

22278-150.jpg Diptyque - Soothing Lip Balm - 8 g
Item 22278


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Lush, dreamy, nurturing. This lip balm helps to restore the lips leaving them plumped and smooth. The poppy petals soften the lips, provide lasting protection and leave them deeply moisturized.

20920-150.jpg Diptyque - Revitalizing Shower Gel for Body and Hair - 200 ml
Item 20920


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Aromas of bergamot, green mandarins, and neroli refresh your body and hair. This amber-hued gel tones the skin and revitalizes hair while restoring volume and shine. Its refreshing zing is captured in a cleansing gel whose airy foam slips over the hair and body with all the gentle, refined freshness of the fruit. Comforted and glowing, the skin is stimulated by a burst of freshly pressed citrus notes.

20919-150.jpg Diptyque - Satin Oil for Body and Hair - 100 ml
Item 20919


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A light, dry oil that soothes and softens the skin while leaving a satiny sheen to skin and hair. Delightful with the aromas of jasmine, ylang ylang and saffron they are reminiscent of Rhodes aromatic plant life and sunny fragrances. The evanescent oil soothes and softens the skin and hair with avocado oil and refined urucum oil.

19599-150.jpg Diptyque - Emulsion Velours - Velvet Hand Lotion - 250 ml
Item 19599


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Plush, enveloping, beneficial. An evanescent emulsion steeped in the beneficial powers of the golden immortelle flower from Corinth, the symbol of eternal life. The moisturizing, repairing, regenerating and antioxidant properties of organic immortelle floral water and organic sesame seed oil provide a sheer, protective buffer for the hands. Roman chamomile floral water soothes them. This airy-light lotion pampers the hands, wrapping them in sheer comfort.

19597-150.jpg Diptyque - Pommade Exfoliante - Smoothing Body Polish - 200 ml
Item 19597


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Sumptuous, rich, regenerating. "Queen of all Fruits" the bountiful pomegranate from Carthage is brimming with virtues. This unique body polish provides twice the benefits: delicately exfoliating dead skin cells while generously restoring a supple, resilient look and feel. Delightfully rich, this extraordinary texture cleanses the skin with a truly miraculous recipe. Spiked with crisp, fruity notes of pink peppercorns, peach and jasmine sambac, each is delightfully tender on the skin.

19598-150.jpg Diptyque - Savon Liquide Réconfortant - Softening Hand Wash - 300 ml
Item 19598


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Hailed for its regenerating properties since antiquity, true lavender from Provence works wonders in this liquid soap. Mild and soothing, like the lavender honey it contains, the Softening Hand Wash cleanses and regenerates in a single flourish thanks to a clever cocktail of organic lavender floral water, organic rosemary floral water and lemon essential oil. A gold mine of beneficial active ingredients that instantly stir the desire to use it without holding back.

18589-150.jpg Diptyque - Huiles Précieuses - Precious Oils for Body and Bath - 125 ml
Item 18589


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Florentine tanners used to perfume their leather with the scent of iris. This led to the creation of a new profession, cherished by the Medici Family: the famous perfumer-glove-maker. The Pallida iris embodies the aristocratic elegance of the Italian city for which it is the emblem. Merging with the warmth of cedar, the woody accord highlights the matte, mineral notes, like a sparkling ray of moonlight. Delightfully versatile, these new Precious Oils are like a silky whisper on the skin and act as a protective emollient in the bath.

18590-150.jpg Diptyque - Lait Frais - Fresh Lotion for the Body - 200 ml
Item 18590


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Alexandria - a haven of freshness at the edge of a searing desert. A ray of sun gently warms the sandy stones of the harbor. Like morning breeze on a fragrant bay, this Fresh Lotion revives the skin, leaving it soft and replenished. An exhilarating rush of orange blossom paired with petitgrain extends an invitation to wake up.

18587-150.jpg Diptyque - Créme Riche - Rich Butter for the Body - 200 ml
Item 18587


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Byzantium - an ancient Greek city in an Oriental dream where odalisques pamper themselves to preserve their beauty, basking in exquisite baths. As luscious as a Turkish delight and soft as a Byzantine rose, this deliciously rich cream is a powdery caress after a hot bath. It is a sensual, welcoming contrast, like fresh butter on languid skin. A total indulgence, this Rich Butter is like a lavish, satin comforter.

18586-150.jpg Diptyque - Baume Genéreux - Luxurious Hand Balm - 50 ml
Item 18586


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The last of the Omayyads made Cordoba, Spain his official sovereign domain where he planted his favorite treat: a golden, velvety plum, the apricot. This was the crown jewel of Andalusia and its abundant groves. The Luxurious Hand Balm is soft and full, like a perfectly plump apricot. The tender, golden fruit unfolds on a bed of milky, bitter-sweet almonds. It is comforting, like a childhood memory and delicious yet simple, like the Ottoman fruit.

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