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From the Mediterranean to the gates of the East, diptyque explored the ancient Silk Road to discover the exotic spices that inspire The Art of Body Care. A poetic experience, designed for the well being of both the body and soul.

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Diptyque L'Art du Soin Body Care

30099-150.jpg Diptyque - Baume Genereus - Luxurious Hand Balm Tube - 50 ml
Item 30099


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Refined, silky, protective.
Exquisitely mild, this delicious balm heals dry hands and is infused with almonds and Cordoba apricot. A blessing for hands as well as dry, rough areas on the body.

25831-150.jpg Diptyque - Eau Rose Body Veil Lotion - 6.8 oz
Item 25831


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Experience the new Eau Rose Body Lotion: A moisturizing and softening, body lotion infused with olive oil, and musk rose oil.

25832-150.jpg Diptyque - Eau Rose Hand Lotion - 1.7 oz
Item 25832


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Experience the new Eau Rose Hand Lotion with its light yet generous texture, enriched with macadamia oil and aloe vera.

25707-150.jpg Diptyque - Eau Particulière Body & Room Spray - 240 ml
Item 25707


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A symbolic atypical product from diptyque: the toilet vinegar with a fresh enveloping fragrance built around a floral green accord. Sweetness is provided by rose and musks, freshness by mint.

22979-150.jpg Diptyque - L'Art du Soin for the Body Travel Set - 4 pcs
Item 22979


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The Art of Body Care line takes you on a sensual, luxurious and elegant journey from the Mediterranean to the gates of the East.

• Smoothing Body Polish - 1.7 oz
• Revitalizing Shower Gel (for body & hair) - 1.7 oz
• Fresh Lotion (for the body) - 1.7 oz
• Luxurious Hand Balm - 1 oz

22278-150.jpg Diptyque - Soothing Lip Balm - 8 g
Item 22278


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Lush, dreamy, nurturing.
This soothing lip balm takes its inspiration from Fez, Morocco’s oldest imperial city, where the beautiful Berber women use the scarlet pigment extracted from poppies. The vital ingredient sought after is not the actual color of the flower, but rather its protective and softening properties. Cottonseed oil and mango butter are then added for their nourishing, reparative and regenerating qualities. Even the stem of the flower creates a fresh, herbal and aromatic fragrance.

20920-150.jpg Diptyque - Revitalizing Shower Gel for Body and Hair - 200 ml
Item 20920


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A 2-in-1 product, this transparent foaming gel combines bergamot scent to the floral scent of peppermint to tone the skin with extract of almond and wheat oligopeptide to wash hair and give it volume and shine. Inspired by Reggio Calabria and its waterfalls, its rustic fragrance is delightful.

20919-150.jpg Diptyque - Satin Oil for Body and Hair - 100 ml
Item 20919


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Beautifying, silky, evanescent.
Inspired by Rhodes, this dry oil, non-greasy, evokes bright scents like jasmine, ylang-ylang and saffron. Sprayed on the skin, it makes skin satiny, smooth and brilliantly beautiful. On hair, it repairs, nourishes, softens and gives incomparable shines. A summer essential, to use throughout the day again and again.

19599-150.jpg Diptyque - Emulsion Velours - Velvet Hand Lotion - 250 ml
Item 19599


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Plush, enveloping, beneficial.
Corinth is the inspiration for this silky hand lotion made from the everlasting, “golden flower” with regenerating, repairing, moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties. Rich in organic sesame oil and in Roman chamomile, it envelops hands in a soothing veil, delicately fragranced with honey, licorice and sweet almond. A delightful indulgence you will become addicted to…

19597-150.jpg Diptyque - Pommade Exfoliante - Smoothing Body Polish - 200 ml
Item 19597


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Designed to give the bathroom a spa-like feel of Carthage, this two-colored body polish is infused with white and black jojoba and silica beads that gently exfoliates skin. It is also rich in emollient pomegranate oil, soothing jasmine and nourishing peach butter. Skin becomes as silky as the finest of all fabrics, with a flowery scent.

19598-150.jpg Diptyque - Savon Liquide Réconfortant - Softening Hand Wash - 300 ml
Item 19598


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Mild, soothing, repairing.
This soap soothes and smells like a field of lavender. The flower honey ingredient provides purifying, regenerating and toning. It enfolds a floral cocktail of organic lavender, organic rosemary and lemon essential oil, cleaning hands with infinite mildness.

18589-150.jpg Diptyque - Huiles Précieuses - Precious Oils for Body and Bath - 125 ml
Item 18589


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Caressing, sheathing, exquisite.
A wonderful cocktail of sweet almond, argan and macadamia oils, fragranced with Florentine iris. When gently massaged into the skin, it leaves skin satin smooth, while nourishing and enhances it. Diluted in the bath, it neutralizes the effects of hard water, and acts as an protective emollient.

18590-150.jpg Diptyque - Lait Frais - Fresh Lotion for the Body - 200 ml
Item 18590


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Cool, fluid, pleasing.
Deliciously fresh, this lotion moisturizes, soothes and softens skin. Its lightweight formula quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it with the stimulating aroma orange blossom, like a morning breeze that awakens the bay of Alexandria.

18587-150.jpg Diptyque - Créme Riche - Rich Butter for the Body - 200 ml
Item 18587


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Opulent, indulgent, delightful.
Generous like fresh butter, this deliciously rich cream soothes dry and sensitive skin. The delicious fragrance of a Byzantine rose as soft as a Turkish delight.

18586-150.jpg Diptyque - Baume Genéreux - Luxurious Hand Balm - 50 ml
Item 18586


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Refined, silky, protective.
Exquisitely mild, this delicious balm heals dry hands and is infused with almonds and Cordoba apricot. A blessing for hands as well as dry, rough areas on the body.

We’ve fallen for Rosaviola!
An amazing collaboration from Diptyque Paris and Olympia Le-Tan celebrating the mystery and allure of a lady’s bag! Just like the perfect shade of lipstick, this blend of rose, violet and leather is a must have for fashionistas and Diptyque lovers alike! Come discover the Limited Edition Rosaviola! With your $85 or more purchase from Diptyque Paris, receive a deluxe Eau Rose Eau de Toilette sample 2 ml and a Roses Mini Candle 35g! No code needed.

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