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Massaging the body with Decléor's 100% natural Aromessence oils and balms allows you to benefit from the essential life-force of plants, helping you to rediscover vital energy, balance and relaxation. Each Aromessence blend is geared to benefit specific body conditions.

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Decleor Aromatherapy for the Body

10486-150.jpg Decleor - Aromessence Baume Circularome - Circularome Balm - 1.69 oz
Item 10486


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100% pure and natural stimulating rich balm helps boost microcirculation at night. Helps to relax legs, feet and ankles during sleep. Promotes microcirculation whilst boosting skin's energy exchange. Deliciously silky cocoon texture that promises a delightful massage.

10487-150.jpg Decleor - Aromessence Baume Spa Relax - Spa Relax Balm - 1.69 oz
Item 10487


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100% pure and natural aromatic Essential Oil balm relaxes mind/body while leaving skin perfectly nourished. Soothes and helps relieve tension, helps relax the mind and body whilst nourishing and softening the skin.

10490-150.jpg Decleor - Aromessence De Bain - Bath Oil - 3.3 oz
Item 10490


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Enhance the pleasure of a relaxing bath with Decleor's aromatic body energizing concentrate. This 100% pure and natural delicately fragrant Essential Oil serum replenishes and softens skin. Add a capful of Aromessence De Bain to your bath water and allow the essential oils to gradually release their powerful aromas, acting to refresh and immerse you into a world of well being. Contains lavender, lemon, angelica and savory!

23086-150.jpg Decleor - Aromessence Excellence Youth Activator Body Serum - 3.3 oz
Item 23086


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Aromessence™ EXCELLENCE a global anti-ageing body serum is the perfect synergy of Essential Oils and Plant Oils especially selected for the needs of mature skin and contains Extract of Spilanthes, a flower from South Africa with demonstrated firming properties. The skin is smoothed and firmed, its appearance is enhanced, appearing more toned. The figure is visibly more youthful.

16065-150.jpg Decleor - Aromessence Sculpt - Firming Body Concentrate - 3.3 oz
Item 16065


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A preservative-free precious elixir that features the proven firming effectiveness of a unique cocktail of eight 100% pure, 100% natural Essential Oils, specially selected for their ability to help maintain firmness. These oils are Immortelle, Grapefruit, Chamomile, Frankincense, Lemon, Rose, Myrrh and Lemongrass.

19727-150.jpg Decleor - Aromessence Slim Effect Serum - 3.3 oz
Item 19727


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With highly concentrated Essential Oils, Aromessence Slim Effect is specifically formulated to combat the appearance of orange - peel skin caused by water retention. Enhanced with Plant Oils, the serum's non-greasy, refined and silky texture feels dry to the touch.

10502-150.jpg Decleor - Aromessence Spa Relax - Relaxing Body Concentrate - 3.3 oz
Item 10502


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100% pure and natural Essential Oil serum nourishes, relaxes mind and body while enveloping skin in a silky veil. Soothes and helps relieve tension, relaxes the mind with aromatherapy & softens your skin and leaves it silky smooth.

19780-150.jpg Decleor - Baume Slim Effect Draining Massage Balm - 1.69 oz
Item 19780


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Firmer skin for a slimmer body, with a lavishly luscious balm!

• Emulsifies fatty deposits
• Smoothes dimpled skin
• Refines tone for optimal elasticity
• Enhances microcirculation for removal of toxins
• Absorbs instantly for quick application

22178-150.jpg Decleor - Relax Intense - Aromessence Relaxing Dry Oil - 3.3 oz
Item 22178


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100% natural dry oil, specifically formulated for massage and increasing relaxation.

22179-150.jpg Decleor - Relax Intense - Relaxing Massage Balm - 4.2 oz
Item 22179


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Paraben-free 100% natural balm, specially designed for massage and relaxation.

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