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Darphin Body Care

28473-150.jpg Darphin - Revitalizing Oil - 50 ml
Item 28473


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For Face, Body and Hair.
Darphin's NEW Revitalizing Oil helps reinforce the skin's delicate barrier while maintaining and preserving optimal levels of hydration. The skin is nourished, silky and protected against future moisture loss. It also prevents hair breakage and restores brilliance and transforms dull hair with a healthy, lustrous shine.

24765-150.jpg Darphin - Aromatic Seaweed Bath and Shower Gel - 500 ml
Item 24765


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Limited Edition - Large Size.
Bath and shower aromatic foam gel for the body leaves skin fresh, soft and subtly scented with a bouquet blend of 6 essential oils.

24767-150.jpg Darphin - Silky Moisturizing Lotion - 200 ml
Item 24767


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With Apricot Oil for all skin types.
Professional Formula inspired by the Institute; expertise in a skin-beautifying body care. It provides the skin with immediate and long lasting hydration leaving skin soft and smooth. Its light and melting gel cream texture instantly penetrates the skin and leaves a delicate veil of softness after application.

24562-150.jpg Darphin - Nourishing and Firming Velvet Cream - 200 ml
Item 24562


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With Sweet Almond and Menyanthes Trifoliata. For all skin types.
The extensive professional skills and expertise of the Darphin Institute have been poured into this silky and unctuous cream to simultaneously nourish and firm the skin. Its innovative technology enriched in patented redensifying Menyanthes trifoliata boosts the skin's natural collagen production and helps preserve elastin fibers for visibly plumper and firmer skin. Enriched in organic Shea Butter and Sweet Almond extract, it nourishes and helps provide high affinity essential fatty acids in the skin. Its buttery texture instantly offers a deep sensation of comfort, and helps restore the skin's velvety texture. The Velvet Cream melts on the skin and is quickly absorbed, leaving a delicate white floral scent. A special moment of luscious daily body care indulgence.

24563-150.jpg Darphin - Nourishing Satin Oil - 100 ml
Item 24563


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With Red Ginger Essential Oil. For all skin types.
Drawing on the expertise of the Darphin Institute, this dry body oil provides rich nutrition, while intensely beautifying the skin. A nectar of nourishment, its formula brings to the skin a perfect balance of fatty acids; nourished, it reveals all of its softness. A powerful anti-oxidant, Red Ginger Essential Oil enhances the formula. This oil's non-greasy texture coats the skin in a silky film with sensuous vanilla-tinted notes of Jasmine. A special moment to fill the body and mind with an exquisite sensation of well-being.

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