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Perfect Perfumes are the fine fragrance range created by perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran. This line was created to meet the demand for nature-identical florals as well as classic favorites with a twist.

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Sarah Horowitz Perfect Perfume Oils

23213-150.jpg Sarah Horowitz Parfums - Perfect Coconut Milk Pure Perfume Oil Roll On - 0.2 oz
Item 23213


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One whiff instantly transports you to your own personal paradise. Top notes of coconut accented by almond, a sheer floral middle note of orange blossom and gardenia, and a luscious base note accord of tonka bean, vanilla and Egyptian musk. Heaven!

Top: Coconut and almond
Middle: orange blossom and gardenia
Base: tonka bean, vanilla and Egyptian musk.

15531-150.jpg Sarah Horowitz Parfums - Perfect Bliss Pure Perfume Oil Roll On - 0.2 oz
Item 15531


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Perfect Bliss is a sultry melding of tropical fruits, white gardenia and vanilla inspired by Sarah Horowitz’s honeymoon the island of Tahiti. This balmy poem of a fragrance sets fire to the wearer’s chemistry like an island sunset, and speaks of that magical time of day when the sun’s light explodes before giving way to the shadowy light of the moon.

10418-150.jpg Sarah Horowitz Parfums - Perfect Gardenia Pure Perfume Oil Roll On - 0.2 oz
Item 10418


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Perfect Gardenia is a captivatingly nature-identical tribute to the scent of gardenias in full-bloom. Evoking the crispness of the flower’s leaves, the creaminess of its petals and the subtle smell of the earth from which it grows, it transforms one’s aura with its intoxicating beauty.

10423-150.jpg Sarah Horowitz Parfums - Perfect Nectar Pure Perfume Oil Roll On - 0.2 oz
Item 10423


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Perfect Nectar is a fresh, sexy blend of tropical fruits, white flowers and oceanic musk that sets the wearer aglow with the dazzlingly lush fragrance of an island paradise. A scent that is at once succulent and clean, it transports one to a place where crashing surf and trees dripping with exotic fruits are bathed in golden sunlight.

10430-150.jpg Sarah Horowitz Parfums - Perfect Vanilla Pure Perfume Oil Roll On - 0.2 oz
Item 10430


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Perfect Vanilla is a sumptuous, mouthwatering celebration of one of the fragrance realm’s best-known aphrodisiacs. A rich and textured collection of five vanillas from around the world made decadently inviting by hints of amber and blood orange, its evolution on the skin is at once familiar and mysterious.

10433-150.jpg Sarah Horowitz Parfums - Perfect Veil Pure Perfume Oil Roll On - 0.2 oz
Item 10433


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Perfect Veil is a warm, transparent fragrance that captures the incomparably sensual scent of clean, naked skin. Designed to reveal the unique beauty of an individual’s body chemistry, Perfect Veil gorgeously illuminates the one who wears it.

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