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Clayspray products are exclusively sourced from a careful selection of clays from sites historically renowned for their therapeutic properties and where the clay has been protected from pollution and contamination for thousands of years. Less than 1% of each ton of clay is used in Clayspray.

• Clayspray is a pure clay. The purest clay in the world, through patented technology.

• All products are natural, free of preservatives, free of parabens, free of perfumes, not tested on animals.

• Clayspray products are formulated with 60 - 65% clay, (the reason it is heavy). This provides for a much higher concentration of beneficial minerals which offers an enhanced degree of efficacy. (Traditional clays are formulated with 15 to 20% clay maximum.)

• Clays are emulsified much like a cream. This is unique to Clayspray - pure clays in an emulsified form.

•It is scientifically known that clay mixed with water needs to mature a minimum of 15 days for all of the properties and benefits to coagulate. After this 15 day period clay does not change. Claysprays are developed with this optimum stage of maturation process.

• Clayspray is always fresh with the properties of the clay maintaining their high quality. Common clays that come in tubs, jars, powders etc., immediately come in contact with air once opened. The product starts to oxidize and deteriorate. The water and clay separate. The clay can become dry and contaminated and usually thrown out.

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