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Claus Porto, based on its 120 years of history and experience, remains faithful to its original philosophy. Recognized by the quality of their products and by the artistic value of their packages, the brand wishes to continue to take the name of Portugal further. At the same time, it recovers the historic past and shares it with the whole world that is eager to experience sensations and emotions only provided by authentic, genuine, hand-made and aromatic products. In this journey into the future and into other international markets, the caravel of Claus Porto takes in the luggage the essence of a wide portfolio of hand-packed “jewelry” that will try to vary in order to surprise, conquer, and most important of all, to leave a trace of aromas and fragrances.

1887 – The beginning of a legacy of senses.

When soaps and perfumes were only within reach of the wealthiest social classes and withdrawn from the Portuguese society’s daily life, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder – two Germans settled in Portugal - showed their enterprising spirit and established, in Oporto, the first national soap and perfumes factory that was baptized Claus & Schweder. With a conservative stream, the products were sold under the brand “FPC – Fábrica de Produtos Chimicos Claus & Schweder, Sucrs,” which allowed them, on the one hand to stimulate the myth of the foreign origin of the products, and on the other hand to show respect for the tastes and expectations of those who belonged to the highest social classes and used to consume imported hygiene products. With apparently foreign labels, but truly national ones, several lines of products were released into the market and gradually became part of the habits of the Portuguese, because of their quality. Their popularity was so overwhelming that the company was honoured with a visit of the King of Portugal, D. Manuel II.

Claus Porto

DECO Collection

Art Deco inspired labels and designs. Discover the collection of liquid hand soaps, lotions and luxurious bath bars.

Fantasia Soaps

Exquisite Soaps enriched with Mango Butter - wrapped in beautiful paper with designs that invite you into the world of fantasy!

Claus Porto Travel Friendly Sizes 3 oz or Less

Toll Free: 1-800-377-8771

Local/International: 1-818-707-2555






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