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Beautiful skin results from increasing skin density and restoring balance.

Conventional skin care lines rely on aggressive, forced cell turnover, which provides short-term results, but prematurely ages and thins the skin.

The goal with CIRC-CELL is to provide a balanced approach with products that gently nurture skin to optimal health and beauty.

CIRC-CELL products are free of harmful elements, free of parabens, not tested on animals, and are environmentally safe.

CIRC-CELL was developed by Melanie Simon, an electrical esthetician, along with a team of scientists, researchers, and skincare experts.

While many products promote cellular turnover as the way to beautiful skin, we believe the forced shedding of skin cells ultimately ages skin. Each skin cell is programmed to reproduce a finite number of times. By forcing accelerated cellular mitosis, ultimately premature cellular death is the result. The Circ-Cell way to beautiful and healthy skin is by gently nurturing each skin cell to optimal health.

The Circ-Cell team consists of Melanie Simon and an advisory team of Doctors, engineers and scientists. Circ-Cell products are plant and mineral based with no harmful chemicals, parabens, propylene glycols, preservatives or fragrances. Circ-Cell products are not tested on animals. This team developed the entire Circ-Cell line with deep respect and consideration for our bodies and planet.


25295-150.jpg Circ-Cell - Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 43 - 48 g
Item 25295


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This sheer, cosmetically elegant hydrator provides daily protection from damaging environmental exposure that leads to premature aging of the skin. The oil-free formula harnesses hyaluronic acid for rich hydration, while zinc-oxide provides broad spectrum protection from damaging UVA/UVB radiation helping to shield skin from the visible signs of aging.

For all skin types.

24593-150.jpg Circ-Cell - ABO +|- Blood Serum Face Rejuvenation - 30 ml
Item 24593


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Modeled after scientists' attempts to create a synthetic blood substitute, ABO +|- Blood Serum is a rejuvenating face gel that harnesses a blend of oxygen-rich and collagen-supporting ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and maintain vibrant, visibly taut skin. For all skin types.

23300-150.jpg Circ-Cell - ABO +|- Blood Serum - 15 ml
Item 23300


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Modeled after scientists' attempts to create a synthetic blood substitute, ABO +|- Blood Serum is a rejuvenating eye gel that harnesses a blend of oxygen-rich ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark, under-eye circles. For all skin types.

22971-150.jpg Circ-Cell - Creme E.R.3 - 45 ml
Item 22971


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Creme E.R.3 provides essential restoration, renewal, and replacement for skin ravaged by age related loss of skin equilibrium.

Young skin is in perfect balance. As you age, your body chemistry changes, losing its equilibrium - resulting in dry, lackluster skin. And skin that functions like younger skin looks like younger skin. Creme E.R.3 is perfectly calibrated, and perfectly balanced. Developed by Michael Galitzer, M.D., recognized expert in bio-identical therapy, Creme E.R.3 mirrors the body's precise chemistry, supporting healthy, homeostatic equilibrium.

22970-150.jpg Circ-Cell - Dew Hydrating pH Perfector - 120 ml
Item 22970


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Dew is a skin-refining pH perfector and finishing serum that balances the skin's mantle while providing rich, dewy hydration. Whether used as pH primer or final step, Dew delivers on its name. Lactic acid helps balance the skin's pH, while ten amino acids provide hydration. Camphor attacks bio-elements that cause breakouts and witchhazel helps pores contract and close. Canadian willow herb keeps skin calm and even. Dew can also be used to improve the appearance of crepey, sagging skin on the arms and body.

22969-150.jpg Circ-Cell - Geothermal Clay Cleanser - 120 ml
Item 22969


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Geothermal Clay Cleanser is an all-around, universal cleanser for all skin types. Half oil, half clay, with meadowfoam seed oil and geothermal clay derived from the Arctic Circle, this revolutionary cleanser extracts and dissolves impurities, makeup, and dirt while keeping natural moisturizing oils intact.

23060-150.jpg Circ-Cell - REM Masque-Serum Set - 2 pcs
Item 23060


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Optimizes natural nighttime restorative cycles, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens, and hydrates, revealing a youthful, radiant glow. REM Masque Serum is a dual-product age-defying technology that harnesses tourmaline to optimize your beauty sleep. Over 50 active ingredients combine to provide dramatic results in as few as three days.

Circ-Cell Trio!
When you purchase $125 or more in Circ-Cell products receive a fabulous deluxe trio which includes a 7ml Crème ER 3, 1.5ml ABO +|- Blood Serum Face Rejuvenation, and a 12ml Dew Hydrating pH Perfector. Explore Circ-Cell and find your way to beautiful and healthy skin!

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