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Chidoriya Kimono Hair Pins and Accessories

22663-150.jpg Chidoriya - 100% Organic Cotton Powder Puff - 1 pc
Item 22663


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Works great with loose powder, pressed powder or body powder. Feels just like baby soft skin! Also suitable for professional use.

Size: Diameter 3.54 inch

22279-150.jpg Chidoriya - Neko (Cat) Tsuge Boxwood Hair Brush - 1 pc
Item 22279


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The highest quality of boxwood from Japan! It is said that the origin of the "satsuma tsuge comb" began when samurai warriors from Satsuma clan first started making them as they returned from Edo after completing the flood prevention works at Kiso River during the Edo period. The boxwood comb making became widespread as a side job for lower level samurai warriors. There were about 10 comb manufacturers by the time of the Taisho Period and each manufacturer put all their ingenuity into the design of the comb.

Size: 6.5 inch long, 0.85 inch tooth length

19707-150.jpg Chidoriya - Butterfly U Pin - 1 pc
Item 19707


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Handmade by skilled artisans in Japan. Length: 3 in. Assorted colors.

10302-150.jpg Chidoriya - Kimono Face Paper Case for Blotting Tissues - 1 pc
Item 10302


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An adorable case that is the perfect "fit" for your Japanese Blotting Tissues 2 compartments - would also be adorable for your business cards.

10303-150.jpg Chidoriya - Kimono Hair Pins (2 in pack) - 2 pcs
Item 10303


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Handmade in Japan. These are the adorable Hair Pins you see written up in the magazines all the time. Pin size: Length 3in. Flower's diameter: 7/8in. Perfect.

16371-150.jpg Chidoriya - Yellow Hair Stick - 1 pc
Item 16371


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Handmade in Japan. This an adorable Hair Stick you see written up in the magazines all the time. Stick size: Length 3 7/8in. Flower's diameter: 1 1/8in. Perfect.

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