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Chidoriya Traditional Japanese Body Care

14860-150.jpg Chidoriya - 100% Pure Camellia Oil - 1.8 oz
Item 14860


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Chidoriya original golden camellia oil is manufactured by the traditional hand press technique. This family factory has been known as an excellent quality maker in Kyusyu, Japan. The Japanese have always used camellia oil for face, body, hair and scalp care. This food grade oil not only moisturizes and protects dry and sensitive skin, but it is excellent for damaged and processed hair..

14670-150.jpg Chidoriya - Pure Silk & Rice Bran Soap Bar - 2 oz
Item 14670


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Pure silk & rice bran are combined making a gentle soap which prevents skin irritations & blemishes. Rice bran's natural enzyme will helps to dissolve dead skin & blemishes, while retaining moisture. The natural scent will help to ease & relax both your mind & body. For dry, sensitive and mature skin.

14669-150.jpg Chidoriya - Green Tea & Pearl Barley Soap Bar - 2 oz
Item 14669


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Green tea & pearl barley are combined making this soap rich in vitamin A, B, C, and minerals. Pearl barley has been traditionally used as anti-aging, mole removal for centuries. Natural brown sugar & seaweed powder will give skin a healthy glow. It removes dead skin & impurities from the pores while retaining moisture. Organic olive oil will gently maintain your skin's health. For oily, combination and acne prone skin.

10308-150.jpg Chidoriya - Red Bean Micro-Grain Exfoliant - 2.1 oz
Item 10308


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100% natural extremely fine Red Bean Grains. They gently buff away dulling surface flakes, unclog pores and smoothing your skin's texture. Red Bean Grains have been used as a face wash in Japan for 1,200 years!

10305-150.jpg Chidoriya - Maiko Soap Bar (Rose Geranium) - 2 oz
Item 10305


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Maiko Soap contains the lovely natural floral scent of Rose Geranium which is extremely moisturizing, soothing and mild enough for the most sensitive skins. Mixed in small batches and aged in the special curing room for nearly a month. This special soapmaking process removes excess alkali from the soap, a major irritant to sensitive skin. Mood altering and natural antidepressant.

10309-150.jpg Chidoriya - Rice Bran Wash - 4.2 oz
Item 10309


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For all skin types including sensitive. Japanese rice bran wash contains essential fatty acids, rich in the Vitamin E complex that includes tocopherols and tocotrienols. Nukabukuro/Rice bran wash has been known as the Japanese women's "common sense" beauty treatment since the generation before facial soap. This 100% natural Rice bran wash helps to remove all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates dead skin cells without dryness. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

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