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Chantecaille Moisturizers

24063-150.jpg Chantecaille - Magnolia, Jasmine and Lily Healing Emulsion with Bonus Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask - 50 ml
Item 24063


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For a Limited Time - this item arrives with a deluxe 5 ml Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask!

Created in order to combat our body's inflammatory response, acting as an extremely calming, hydrating, anti-redness lotion for sensitive skin. It calms down all redness linked with menopause, rosacea, windburn, radiation treatments, and internal toxins. Pure Jasmine and Lily combined with Magnolia, Purple Nutsedge, and Japanese Honeysuckle instantly soothe, protect and brighten skin.

22731-150.jpg Chantecaille - Stress Repair Concentrate - 15 ml
Item 22731


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The anti-wrinkle hexapeptide inhibits facial contractions, drastically reducing fine lines and preventing future ones from occurring. Tensine, a botanical firming agent, creates a smooth film that instantly decreases the appearance of wrinkles, improves skin's glow and enhances makeup's staying power. Bilberry extract also soothes, tightens and exfoliates while Caffeine and Theine remove toxins from skin tissue, reducing local fat deposits and puffiness.

20908-150.jpg Chantecaille - Flower Harmonizing Cream with Bonus Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask - 50 ml
Item 20908


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For a Limited Time - this item arrives with a deluxe 5 ml Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask!

Flower Harmonizing Cream is a wonderfully complete moisturizer featuring a full menu of essential oils, seaweed, vitamins and flowers that feed the skin, reduce inflammation and promote collagen production. It is recommended to treat temporary or chronic sensitivity. It contains Black Currant, an important anti-inflammatory, and Bisabolol, an exceptionally soothing anti-irritant derived from Chamomile.

20983-150.jpg Chantecaille - Water Flower Fluid - 50 ml
Item 20983


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Water flower fluid is a hydrating, brightening formula especially indicated for younger skin. It is also recommended for use in warmer climates on normal, combination and dry skin. Men find it refreshing as an after-shave lotion. It is loaded with Vitamins A, E and C (from fresh oranges) that collaborate to fight free radical damage caused by age and environmental stress. Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter nourish and hydrate as they minimize the loss of natural moisture in the epidermis. Evening Primrose Oil, an essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties, is essential in creating healthy cells. Jasmine, narcissus and mimosa flower waxes purify and restore skin, stimulating cellular turnover. Lily Bulb lightens and brightens, helping to balance uneven skin tone.

22453-150.jpg Chantecaille - Retinol Intense - 50 ml
Item 22453


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A non-irritating, nourishing night cream that releases seaweed-wrapped nanospheres of Retinol below the surface of your skin for a full 24-hour period. Jojoba, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil soothe and hydrate, and Mallow aids in reducing inflammation. A base of healing flower waxes make this cream ideal for sensitive skins. Paraben-free. 83% botanical.

22358-150.jpg Chantecaille - Nano Gold Firming Treatment with Energizing Eye Cream bonus - 50 ml
Item 22358


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For a Limited Time - this item arrives with a deluxe 3ml Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream bonus - a $53 value!

A pure and powerful treatment moisturizer with a blend of innovative ingredients that deliver immediate comfort and hydration while firming skin and providing a 45% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Upon application, skin begins to restore its natural equilibrium and well being. Intracellular communication increases energy flow at the molecular level allowing oxygen and nutrients to repair and strengthen skin. Skin’s density is restored and elasticity is sustained. The signs of age are visibly reduced while skin is protected from future age aggression.

22588-150.jpg Chantecaille - Nano Gold Energizing Face Cream - 50 ml
Item 22588


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Nano Gold Energizing Face Cream binds tiny particles of gold to silk microfibers, and through nanotechnology, delivers their intensive healing properties to skin at the cellular level. Gold is highly anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and detoxifying. Silk, a natural protein, is highly moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Together, they act as a regenerative and preserving force, helping skin maximize its energies to fight the aging effects of stress. They work to stimulate cell metabolism, boost collagen production and create an effective UVA/UVB block. A potent formula of lactic acid and hydrolyzed wheat protein—a natural anti-fatigue agent—actually increases skin’s natural intelligence so it can better manage its resources, especially during times of stress.

25423-150.jpg Chantecaille - Classics Collection - 4 pcs
Item 25423


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A Sylvie Chantecaille-curated collection inspired by her brand’s best-selling products.

Vital Essence - 50 ml
Stress Repair Concentrate - 15 ml
Brilliant Gloss in Mirth - 3 ml
Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask - 15 ml
Chic pink makeup bag - ideal for travel.

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