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Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara

25162-150.jpg Chantecaille - Supreme Cils Mascara - Black - 7 g
Item 25162


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The new Supreme Cils Mascara stays on until you decide to take it off.
Longwearing and smudge-proof, the Rosewater infused formula combines natural clay and Acrylic Polymers for lasting volume, length and definition.
Unlike other water-resistant mascaras that take days of painful rubbing to fully come off, Supreme Cils’ thermal-sensitive formula can be gently and easily removed with 40°C warm water.

21123-150.jpg Chantecaille - Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara - Black - 9 g
Item 21123


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Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara combines the newest lash growth peptide technology with the much-loved original Faux Cils formula. Both formulas create immediate volume using a special combination of natural waxes to thicken and plump lashes. Both contain signature Chantecaille Rosewater for a more luxurious and healing experience. Both formulas employ the non-clumping double helix brush that combs and feathers lashes for clump-free volume. NOW, lashes get a boost from our unique SymPeptide 17™ that stimulates keratin genes and encourages the strength and length of your natural lashes. After two weeks use, in-vivo clinical tests prove 25% longer and thicker lashes. The genius of this product is that results are achieved in ONE simple application.

20978-150.jpg Chantecaille - Faux Cils Mascara - Black - 9 g
Item 20978


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Dramatically lengthening, this unique mascara formula works better than false lashes. Rich in mineral salts, Red Seaweed Extract regenerates lashes, adding elasticity so that they are never hard or cakey. A special combination of natural waxes offers a creamy, buildable texture. The result is a thickening and volumizing effect. A unique technology of a filming agent defines the lashes and perfectly adheres the rosewater-based formula to the lashes, making it extremely resistant to high humidity conditions.

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