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Lip Stick provides excellent definition, luxurious texture and vivid color. Its pure pigments are coated with lauryl lysine, an emollient that creates a film on the lips that is impervious to water and oil.

Made of natural beeswax that has a wonderfully comfortable feel, the formula is also enriched with vitamins A and C, emollient amino acids, and an SPF 6-8. Cruelty-free, without lanolin and animal or mineral derivatives.


Chantecaille Lip Stick

29859-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Hollyhock - 2 g
Item 29859


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A fiery coral.

29860-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Nirvana - 2 g
Item 29860


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A vibrant raspberry.

29861-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Larkspur - 2 g
Item 29861


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A classic rosebud pink.

28539-150.jpg Chantecaille - Hydra Chic Lipstick - Saxifrage - 1.7 g
Item 28539


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A bright, on-trend magenta with a hint of Chantecaille purple.

A satiny, full-impact lipstick that delivers instant and lasting hydration with six hours of great color wear.

27345-150.jpg Chantecaille - Hydra Chic Lipstick - Fairy Moss - 1.7 g
Item 27345


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A nude rosebud.

27346-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Lotus - 2 g
Item 27346


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A sophisticated plum.

25308-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Cassia - 2 g
Item 25308


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Festive flattering cherry red.

25309-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Cerise - 2 g
Item 25309


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Romantic, deep magenta red.

25160-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Agave - 2 g
Item 25160


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24899-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Magnolia - 2 g
Item 24899


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A striking pink.

24900-150.jpg Chantecaille - Lip Stick - Rosewood - 2 g
Item 24900


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An elegant plum.

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