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The legend, the real history and the tradition...

LEGEND has it that, in 1380, the Father Prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St. Giacomo was taken unawares by the mews of the arrival on Capri of the Queen Giovanna D'Angio and so made a flower arrangement with the most beautiful flowers of the island. The water was not changed for three days and, when the flowers were thrown away, the Prior noticed that the water acquired a fragrance unknown to him. He went to the father alchemist who traced the origin of this scent back to the "Garofilium Silvestre Caprese." That water became the first perfume of Capri.

HISTORY, on the other hand, relates that in 1948, the Prior of the Monastery discovered the old formulas of the perfumes, and with the permission of the Pope, revealed them to a chemist of Torino, who created the smallest laboratory in the world and called it "Carthusia," i.e. "Certosa."

The TRADITION is now being continued and the limited production means being able to use the same methods as the Carthusian monks. All the preparations are made from genuine products of high quality and even the end product is hand-wrapped. The essence derived from rosemary picked on Monte Solaro is used in men's products, while the essence of Capri, wild carnation, is used in women's fragrances.

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Carthusia Profumo

28665-150.jpg Carthusia - Essence of the Park Profumo - 50 ml
Item 28665


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A lush, awakening fragrance that celebrates the arrival of Spring. A citrus-green scent, the Essence of Central Park is infused with pure notes of illuminating Magnolia Stellata, crisp, vibrant Bergamot and balmy Lemon, surrounded by soothing, refreshing Artemisia and green, sensual and aromatic Elemi.

Magnolia, Honeysuckle, Linden Blossom, Artemesia.

28557-150.jpg Carthusia - Corallium Profumo - 50 ml
Item 28557


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A fragrance of rare intensity and sensuousness with inklings of fragrant wood, aromatic herbs, and fruit and flowers seasoned by the sea air. Corallium a refreshing essence born of the sea, made to enchant.

Head: Ethiopian Myrrh, Bay Leaf, Italian Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot.
Heart: Indonesian Patchouly, Texas Cedar Wood, Fine Wood.
Base: French Sage, Tree Goldmoss Stonecrop, White Musk.

27655-150.jpg Carthusia - Capri Forget Me Not Profumo - 50 ml
Item 27655


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Juicy, sparkling, and truly unforgettable, this refreshing and illuminating scent echoes the sensuality of the island of Capri. With notes of green fig, orange peel, mandarin, and Capri lemon, and infused with musk, jasmine, and refreshing mint, Forget Me Not sparkles like the island’s crystal blue waters.

Head: Lemon, Orange, Lime, Mandarin
Heart: Musk, Bucchu, Mint, Fig, Violet, Eucalyptus
Base: Cyclamen, Hyacinth, Jasmine, Davana, Peach, Vanilla

16157-150.jpg Carthusia - Aria di Capri Profumo - 50 ml
Item 16157


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The Essence of Sensuality
A fresh and vibrant scent, like Capri's sea breeze, warm sun and blue skies. A sensuous and sophisticated blend of mimosa blossoms, delicate iris and jasmine mingle with fruity notes of peach and Mediterranean bay leaf to re-create the memory of a magic atmosphere. An instant classic.

Head: Lemon, Bergamot, Petitgrain.
Heart: Mimosa, Jasmine, Geranium, Rose.
Base: Cedar Wood, Musk, Laurel.

19971-150.jpg Carthusia - Caprissimo Profumo - 50 ml
Item 19971


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Sparkling fresh tones of citrus give way to a top note which blends elegantly with the flowery subtleties that permeate the unison with all their persistence. Hints of spice accentuate and exalt the green note and introduce the rich flowery body which encapsulates the essence of blue hyacinth and clove.

Head: Lilac, Gardenia, Water Jasmine, Damascus Rose, Lily of the Valley, Calabrian Bergamot, Red Mandarin.
Heart: Honeysuckle, Florentine Iris, Plumeria, Tea Olive, Blue Hyacinth, Tuberose, Carnation Cloves, Green Leaves.
Base: White Musk, Moroccan Cedar, Patchouly, Sandalwood, Grey Amber, Myrrh.

16155-150.jpg Carthusia - Fiori di Capri Profumo - 50 ml
Item 16155


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Floral Elegance.

Fiori di Capri is Carthusia’s iconic bouquet of handpicked wild carnation, tender lily of the valley and velvety tuberose, splashed with a hint of amber and ylang ylang. Based on the legendary formula dating back to 1380 when the scent was originally created for a Queen, Fiori di Capri is a sophisticated, delicate blend of Capri’s most precious floral essences.

Head: Cyclamen, Tuberose, Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Calabrian Bergamot, Ylang of the Comoros Islands, Orange, Mandarin, Turkish Rose, White Flowers.
Heart: Chypre, Carnation, Cloves, Nutmeg, White Honey, Florentine Iris, Incense, Hyacinth, Violet Leaf, Damascus Plum, Wild Strawberry, Pineapple.
Base: Wood, Moroccan Cedar, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oak Musk, White Musk, Grey Amber, Rock Rose.

19972-150.jpg Carthusia - Gelsomini Di Capri Profumo - 50 ml
Item 19972


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As is customary in the tradition of the brand which was created and developed on the Isle of Capri in Italy, the Island of the Mermaids, delicate sweet fruity notes are brought together in an intriguing fragrance which is fresh but persistent. A primary role is played by the Jasmine and Egyptian Geranium, combined with Clove and Ylang-Ylang from the Comoros Islands. The middle notes blend Zagara from Morocco with Cedar Wood from Texas, mixed and mingling, in an intoxicating climax, with the musky Amber notes of Bees Wax from France, Vanilla from Madagascar and Turkish Rose.

Head: Egyptian Jasmine, Carnation Cloves, Egyptian Geranium, Ylang-Ylang of the Comoros Islands.
Heart: Moroccan Orange Tree Blossom, Texas Cedar Wood.
Base: French Beeswax, Madagascar Vanilla, Turkish Rose.

16151-150.jpg Carthusia - IO Capri Profumo - 50 ml
Item 16151


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Dedicated to the goddess in whose honor Tiberius built the most magnificent of the imperial villas on Capri, "Io" is a dynamic and decisive melange, sophisticated and modern, bringing together the mature, sweet notes of wild fig with the exhilarating, stimulating notes of tea leaves.

Head: Wild Mint, Sicilian Lemon, Chinese Eucalyptus, Aromatic Litsea, Star Anise, Brazilian Orange.
Heart: Fig, Wildflowers, Tea, Apple Blossom, Egyptian Jasmine, Ceylonese Citronella.
Base: Seaweed, Tobacco Flowers.

16153-150.jpg Carthusia - Ligea La Sirena Profumo - 50 ml
Item 16153


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Bearing the name of one of the three Mermaids who tried to bewitch Ulysses, Ligea is a feminine, sensual nectar, surprising and full of passion, which combines the warm powdery scent of opoponax with the fresh, soft aroma of mandarin.

Head: Sicilian Lemon, Somalian Incense, Brazilian Orange, Italian Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot, French Lavender.
Heart: Indonesian Patchouly, Madagascar Carnation Clove, Egyptian Geranium, Ceylonese Citronella.
Base: White Musk, Tobacco Flowers, Siamese Snowbell, Madagascar Vanilla.

16149-150.jpg Carthusia - Mediterraneo Profumo - 50 ml
Item 16149


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Sunny Vitality.
Mediterraneo is… Capri in a Bottle: the pure freshness of crushed lemon leaves is mingled with the soothing, aromatic green tea, in this luminous, uplifting and sun-filled scent.

Head: Wild Mint, Sicilian Lemon, Aromatic Litsea, Chinese Eucaliptus, Spanish Red Thyme Bergamot, Calabrian Bergamot.
Heart: Egyptian Jasmine, Cuatemalan Cardamom, Wildflowers, Sicilian Mandarin.
Base: White Musk.

16159-150.jpg Carthusia - Via Camerelle Profumo - 50 ml
Item 16159


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Sparkling Freshness.

The essence and spirit of the most legendary street in Capri are imbued in this radiant fragrance. Lemon and orange blossoms and sun-ripened bergamot notes are infused with the soft delicacy of jasmine over nuances of warm woodsy musk. Be transported to the intoxicating beauty of Capri with by this crisp and refreshing scent.

Head: Bergamot, Lemon, Seville Orange, Marjoram.
Heart: Water Lily, Cyclamen, Jasmine.
Base: Cedar Wood, Sea Musk, Amber, Musk.

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