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Founded in 1884 by the inquisitive and entrepreneurial CARRIERE brothers, Carrière Frères is the heir of traditional XVIII century wax craftsmanship in France. Passionate about inventions and discoveries, the two brothers reinvented modern candle manufacturing combining the craft of their ancestors with the new techniques of the industrial revolution. They selected the finest waxes and the most durable wicks establishing Carrière Frères as the premier manufacturer of fine candles in the world. Today in the 21st century, the Carrière Frères candles explore the natural scents of the world.

Carrière Frères is the oldest, most prestigious manufacturer of fine candles in France. Candles are hand-poured vegetal wax without any chemical ingredients. Vegetal wax burns more evenly and without smoke. Single note fragrances are made of the very best essential oils available to create soft and subtle perfumes. A wide assortment of botanical-themed scents capture the essence of the best plants and flowers of the world.

Burn Time is approximately 50 hours. Burn until the whole surface is melted to best release the fragrance. To preserve fragrance, candles should not be burned for more than 2-3 hours at a time. Always trim remaining wick to 1/4 inch and re-center wick after burning.

Carriere Freres Industrie

21867-150.jpg Carriere Freres - Glaesum - Amber Candle - 190 g
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From the Arabic “Anbar”, this tree resin is fossilized into a yellow, orange or brown rock of shimmering honey. Considered a gem, amber is the lightest of them all and is believed to possess medicinal, even magical virtues. Its ashes exude an abundant fragrance of sacred and protective powers.

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