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Capsule Parfumerie is an independent collective practicing art in the visceral realm of olfactory expression.

In other words, it's an indie fragrance company who makes killer scents.

Capsule Parfums

24450-150.jpg Capsule Parfums - Moto Eau de Parfum - 15 ml
Item 24450


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A rebellious scent inspired by bikers and the babes who love them. A dark fruity floral with notes of black plum, sun-warmed blackberries, black dahlia, smoky incense, vanilla and tar. Seductive and liberating. Equally dangerous on men and women.

Head: Black Plum, Frosted Citron
Heart: Osmanthus, Black Dahlia, Sun-warmed Blackberries
Base: Incense Accord, Benzoin, Burl Wood

24451-150.jpg Capsule Parfums - Urbane Eau de Parfum - 15 ml
Item 24451


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A lively scent inspired by the zest of urban life. This citrus cocktail zings with notes of frosted bergamot, blood orange pulp, davana flower, sweet honeysuckle, white musk, creamy tonka beans and oakmoss. Casual and cool. A fresh unisex scent.

Head: Frosted Bergamot, Blood Orange
Heart: Davana, White Peony, Yellow Honeysuckle
Base: Cashmere Musk, Creamy Tonka Beans, White Oakmoss

24452-150.jpg Capsule Parfums - Polis Eau de Parfum - 15 ml
Item 24452


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A pretty-in-the-city perfume for work and pleasure. A luminous ozonic floral with sparkling citrus and marine notes, lotus, paper white blooms, cotton, sheer musk and tuberose. Fresh and serene. A dreamy, mindscape scent.

Head: Sparkling Calone, Sheer Lemon Zest
Heart: Riviera Mimosa, Sea Lily
Base: Sea Moss, Musk, Cotton, Tuberose

24453-150.jpg Capsule Parfums - Jaunt Eau de Parfum - 15 ml
Item 24453


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An entrancing scent, inspired by a crossing of spiritual paths. A journey led by quiet intuition. Its woody accord becomes hypnotic with notes of black vanilla pods, black orchid, silken rose, ylang ylang, leafy tobacco, atlas cedarwood and tamboti wood. Moody and soulful. A subversive unisex scent.

Head: Vanilla Orchid, Hedione
Heart: Ylang Ylang, Creamy Rose, Black Vanilla Beans
Base: Leafy Tobacco, Atlas Cedarwood, Tamboti Wood

24454-150.jpg Capsule Parfums - Byway Eau de Parfum - 15 ml
Item 24454


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A persuasive scent inspired by a lap dance. It's mischievously sweetened with notes of crystal spun sugar, vanilla essence, amber petals, virgin roses, golden patchouli and amaranth wood. Alluring and playful. A crowd-pleaser.

Head: Crystal Spun Sugar Accord, Vanilla Essence
Heart: Amber Petals, Damascene Rose, Black Vanilla Beans
Base: Golden Patchouli, Amaranth Wood, Maplewood

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