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Buddha Nose Ltd is a line of certified organic luxury beauty products created for the person who wants to care for herself and the planet responsibly. These handmade therapeutic quality aromatic plant remedies, combine the energetic dynamics of shiatsu, a Japanese form of bodywork based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with the essential oils of aromatic plants.

Beauty is about feeling good, and Buddha Nose understands that the simple act of doing something good for ourselves makes us feel beautiful. Our well being affects our self-image; it awakens us to the connection of our body and mind, our relationships to others and our planet. To Buddha Nose, inner wellness inspires self-awareness.

Buddha Nose was founded by Amy Galper, a New York City based aromatherapist and shiatsu practitioner. Buddha Nose's unique aromatic products include salves, spray misters, and bath salts, and use only organic and wild-crafted ingredients. Each and every ingredient has been carefully researched and sourced, with all materials procured directly from eco-certified farmers' cooperatives and distributors who work directly with farmers and their distilleries.

Buddha Nose

Buddha Nose - Awaken Deodorizing Spray - 2 oz
Item 21805


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AWAKE Deodorizing Spray for your body and your yoga mat.

Mind-Body-Beauty Intention: CLARITY
This versatile spray is amazingly refreshing! After a sweaty yoga class - gently mist your mat and wipe clean with a damp cloth...and then mist your underarms and any other place that feels a little smelly....

15518-150.jpg Buddha Nose - Bodhi Sugar Scrub - 4 oz
Item 15518


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The Bodhi Sugar Scrub is an organic foaming exfoliating cleanser. By cleansing your face and body with the Bodhi Sugar Scrub, stress washes away, and your mind and body relax. The Bodhi Sugar Scrub nourishes both our skin and our spirit by asking us to be good to ourselves, and to sit still. Scrub the body and quiet the mind.

14830-150.jpg Buddha Nose - Deep Breathe Balm - 1 oz
Item 14830


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The Deep Breathe Balm is a fresh and minty body moisturizing salve that reminds us that breathing feels good. Many who practice meditation, believe that the breath links us directly to the transcendental. Yogis enjoy how the clarity of this aroma deepens their practice and Moms love it for the way it gently soothes their children's congestion. Rub it directly on your chest and upper back, or use it as a daily moisturizer.

14832-150.jpg Buddha Nose - Girl Balm - 1 oz
Item 14832


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The Girl Balm is for all women who are challenged by hormonal mood shifts. The unique combination of essential oils offers great relief and comfort to women at all stages of their life cycle. Although the primary intention of this earthy and warming moisturizing balm is to help ease cramps and lighten moods, the USDA certified organic ingredients that make up the product also deeply nourish the skin and mellow the mind. Try rubbing it on your lower belly and lower back when you are feeling moody, or just using it as a daily moisturizer.

14835-150.jpg Buddha Nose - Skin Serenity Balm - 1 oz
Item 14835


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Quiet skin irritations, mild inflammations and sunburn!

14827-150.jpg Buddha Nose - I Booster Salve - 1 oz
Item 14827


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The I Booster Salve is about confidence and energy. The intention behind this product is to wake us up when we feel fatigued, and to activate and protect us when we feel run down. The stimulating essential oils of clove, cinnamon, t-tree and patchouli used in this spicy moisturizing salve, are highly anti-viral and anti-bacterial, offering us a topical way to bolster against colds and flu.

14833-150.jpg Buddha Nose - Heart Spray - 4 oz
Item 14833


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The Heart Spray is a delicate floral body mist that calms our emotions and nurtures our spirit. It is made out of rose water and essential oils that make us feel peaceful and loved. By misting this sweet and gentle spray around your face and body, heartbreak, loss, and anxiety, drift away - making room for love and peacefulness. Ingredients include Rose Hydrosol, water and the essential oils of Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Petitgrain, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang.

14828-150.jpg Buddha Nose - I Booster Spray - 4 oz
Item 14828


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I Booster Spray was created to wake us up when we feel fatigued, and to activate and protect us when we feel run down. The stimulating essential oils of Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon and Ravinstsara used in this spicy body mist, are highly anti-viral and anti-bacterial, offering us a way to bolster against colds and flu.

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