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Since 1972, Bonny Doon Farm, nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, has become America's Original Fine English Lavender Estate©. Proprietors Diane and Gary Meehan come from a background of family farmers and gardeners - they planted every original plant and tree themselves after building the Farm to traditional standards. A true labor of love.

Three varieties of lavender are grown, including their very own cultivar "Frieda," named after Diane's Mom, who was their greatest inspiration.

Be assured that every product from the Farm is guaranteed to please and to deliver true value without compromise.

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Bonny Doon Farm Fragrances & Essential Oils

17105-150.jpg Bonny Doon Farm - Bay Rhum Cologne - 4 oz Splash
Item 17105


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Blended in small batches by hand and aged in the estate's cellars, using only the highest grades of native Virgin Islands Bay oil, Bulgarian rose water and spirits of cane. The finest product of its kind anywhere.

17118-150.jpg Bonny Doon Farm - Lavender Creme Parfum - 0.5 oz
Item 17118


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A natural creme parfum - made with pure Lavender Angustifolia oil in a beeswax and sweet almond oil base. Beautiful, simple and pure.

17119-150.jpg Bonny Doon Farm - Rose Creme Parfum - 0.5 oz
Item 17119


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A blend of pure Damascena rose oil and rose wax. Extravagantly expensive to produce, this beautiful product is so true of scent, and in absolute contrast with the artificial rose products that dominate the marketplace.

18700-150.jpg Bonny Doon Farm - Rose Water Spritzer - 8 oz Spray
Item 18700


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This face & body spritzer is made up of the water component of the essential oil distillation process. Very effective at re-moistening face and skin, whether at 30,000 feet in an airliner, or at home, office or car. Defeat the drying heat in a moist satisfying way. A pure product, nothing artificial or reconstituted.

17103-150.jpg Bonny Doon Farm - Spirits of Lavender - 4 oz
Item 17103


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The Spirits of Lavender Cologne a true cologne - made with four types of pure botanical lavender oils, three of which are grown on the Farm, and spirits of wine. Great to use as a room freshener, on the skin and as a linen spray!

17104-150.jpg Bonny Doon Farm - Uplands Cologne Splash- 4.33 oz
Item 17104


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For men, this uplifting cologne is made with 12 pure rich oils, including Oak Moss, Spruce, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Verbena, Sage, Lavender and Artemisia. Properly aged in the farms cellar.

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