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bkr sets the standard
bkr is the bottle equivalent of the perfect t-shirt. It’s super-luxe and soft. It feels right and fits right, it's effortless, and it becomes your staple. You can't just have one and you can’t help but fall in love with it. Owners report that they are "obsessed," "head over heels," and drinking "10x as much water" as a result.

beauty 101
you’ve got to drink water + sleep. it can’t tuck you into bed early. but, this glowing beauty essential will motivate you to drink 10x more water, and love it (like it’s cake).

Tal and Kate created bkr with the inspiration of modern art, minimalism, and the notion that beauty can spark real change. They were influenced by everything they love in life -- sky-high boots, design in Tokyo, Parisian street chic, the not-so-heavy, the small, the pretty, the cool, the calm, the bright, the MoMA, soft white sheets, room service and everything translucent and clean. But most of all, because they believe green products should be beautiful and luxe. They made it from glass because glass is the ultimate green and clean material; it doesn't smell of every drink you ever put in it or leach chemicals, and it isn't a metal camping accessory. They wanted not only a solution to an over-packaged, plastic, disposable world, but a revolution against it as well. So bkr - the soft, clean, bubbly, addictive reusable glass water bottle was born.

IT'S JUST A WATER BOTTLE LIKE YOU'RE JUST A PERSON. Who are you anyway? You're not just a person who accepts logic like leaching chemicals in your drinking water, awkward shaped mouthpieces during your workouts, an island made of plastic with a 700-year zero-interest lease on development, camping equipment as accessory with your couture. We are bkr people. Your bkr ("beaker") bottle is made of glass and is for you to fill. Whatever you want inside. Tap water, bubbly water, orange juice, chocolate milk. Give up your plastic habits. We don't eat things we can't pronounce or marinate our water in polyethylene terephthalate. We've evolved. It’s a bkr. All clean everything.®

bkr bottle information:
• 500 mL (16 oz)
• glass bottle + silicone sleeve
• food grade polypropylene cap + silicone gasket
• FDA approved, BPA-free, BPA replacement free, phthalate free
• small one-inch opening for no-spill sipping
• fits most cup holders - 3.18 inches wide, 7.88 inches tall
• doesn't leak, lightweight
• 100% reusable + recyclable
• A portion of proceeds benefit the Obakki and Canary Foundations


30159-150.jpg bkr - Teeny Glass Bottle - Juliet - 8 oz
Item 30159


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Opaque lavender.

Inspired by the uber-mini skirt that whispers rebellion, the blush that creeps into your cheeks when someone asks if the guy that's holding your hand is your boyfriend, throwing glitter in the air and revelling in twinkly pastel chaos. Turn around and she's there, turn again and she's gone in a puff of gorgeous dust.

30160-150.jpg bkr - Teeny Glass Bottle - Romeo - 8 oz
Item 30160


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Sheer periwinkle blue.

Inspired by the daydream of a tall guy with dark hair and shy smiles who smells good, has great taste in music, thinks you look beautiful without any makeup on, loves you for who you are, gives you butterflies. I preferred kissing him over two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

30137-150.jpg bkr - HEARTbkr Glass Bottle - Gigi Heart - 16 oz
Item 30137


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Opaque lime yellow with a mint heart.
Inspired by that it-girl geek-chic friend who elegantly takes the ups and downs with equal grace and ferocity, sliding out of a comfort zone in tube socks and a face mask, pancakes for dinner, Mr. Softy for desert. If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.

30138-150.jpg bkr - HEARTbkr Glass Bottle - Bisous Heart - 16 oz
Item 30138


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Sheer pinkish cherry red with a white heart.
Inspired by a warm candlelit night of cacio e pepe and wine, walking together through tree-shaded boulevards, over romantic bridges illuminated by wrought-iron lamps, wicker chair-lined café terraces, sipping champagne in an old-world hotel bar. Everything was chocolate ice cream and kisses and wind.

29352-150.jpg bkr - STARbkr Glass Bottle - Lolita - 16 oz
Item 29352


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Opaque blackberry with very pale blue stars.

Inspired by the times you took a giant bite of cake and then bee-lined to the dance floor, downing a glass of Manischewitz before calling the one person you really shouldn't have called, leaning against a lipstick-covered mirror psyching yourself up to tell someone you like them, believing there was a chance they'd say they liked you too. Where should I go? That depends on where you want to end up.

29354-150.jpg bkr - STARbkr Glass Bottle - Naked - 16 oz
Item 29354


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Opaque light chocolate milk nude with pink stars.

Inspired by lazy summer days with your best friend, permanently floating in a cloud of Love’s Baby Soft, flannels and torn jean shorts, watching afternoon shadows in her pale pink wallpapered bedroom whispering secrets, searching for the road to a fairytale where everything is possible. I'm going to make everything around me beautiful and that will be my life, I said..

29355-150.jpg bkr - STARbkr Glass Bottle - Lou - 16 oz
Item 29355


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Opaque mint green with holiday blue stars.

Inspired by the bohemian, natural, sophisticated, unpretentious, effortless cool girl that you can't stop staring at (and she's you), jeans and sweatshirt chic, the epic cuteness of the five dollar deli flowers that he brought with your coffee + milk and two sugars. I was going to kiss him, and I was going to regret it. But at that moment, I couldn't bring myself to care.

28108-150.jpg bkr - HEARTbkr Glass Bottle - London Heart - 16 oz
Item 28108


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Opaque light grey with a lavender heart.
Inspired by the smell of rain, entire weekends by the fire, falling for the boy next door, getting lost in translation together. I love you from here to London.

28111-150.jpg bkr - HEARTbkr Glass Bottle - Momo Heart - 16 oz
Item 28111


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Sheer white with a peach heart.
Inspired by salted chocolate, Motown on vinyl, sending a postcard from the place nobody knows you went, faded jeans, blurry Poloroids, taking the long way home. You are the loveliest, tenderest and most beautiful thing I have ever known—and even that is an understatement.

28323-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Sigh - 33.8 oz
Item 28323


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Bright opaque lavender. 1 liter size.

Inspired by those who never quit their daydream, laying in the grass, believing that your prince will come, cake with lavender frosting. I’m nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday. I’ve begun reminiscing events before they even occur. I’m reminiscing this right now.

27996-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Pinup - 33.8 oz
Item 27996


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Berry magenta pink. 1 liter size.
Inspired by bitten lips, embellished Louboutins, retro Frank-Sinatra-was-here charm. Eat diamonds for breakfast.

25949-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Sugar - 33.8 oz
Item 25949


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Warm bright pink. 1 liter size.

Inspired by chocolate soufflé, goodnight kisses, strawberry season at the farmers’ market, asking for extra whipped cream. I think the thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.

25948-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Moto - 33.8 oz
Item 25948


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Dusty black. 1 liter size.

Inspired by the city skyline at night, tough leather jackets over soft summer dresses, a beer at a dive bar, daytripping. Give a girl the right bkr and she can conquer the world.

25950-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Tutu - 33.8 oz
Item 25950


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Big light pink. 1 liter size.

Inspired by ballet flats with ripped jeans, getting your messy bun just right, rosy cheeks, front row seats. Every once in a while a girl has to indulge herself.

27855-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Kitten - 16 oz
Item 27855


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Light Peach.
Inspired by first love, spin the bottle, smokey eyeshadow, flowers in your hair, bubble baths, kissing in the backseat. Innocence is not to be repeated, but to be lost over and over again.

27659-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Tiptoe - 16 oz
Item 27659


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Dusty lavender.

Inspired by the times you impulsively bought that ticket, blushed at a compliment, felt the sand in your toes. All serious daring starts from within.

27660-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Ryan - 16 oz
Item 27660


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Cool dark navy.

Inspired by true love, wearing your boyfriend's v-neck sweater, fresh sushi after a warm bath, peacoats in the fall. There's nobody else for me, and I don't want anybody else.

27661-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Pout - 16 oz
Item 27661


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Solid pouty light pink.

Inspired by slouchy, well-worn sweatshirts, hair that's messy just-so, pale pink lips, getting away with everything. I only use my bkr on two occasions. When I am in love and when I am not.

27662-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Glow - 16 oz
Item 27662


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Warm Orange.

Inspired by fireplaces at magic hour, drinking whiskey from a teacup, vacuuming in stilettos. Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us.

27663-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Holiday - 16 oz
Item 27663


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Vacation blue.

Inspired by do not disturb signs, an umbrella in your drink, setting up an out of office auto-reply, waking up to room service, reading Vogue by the sea and paperbacks by the pool. Let's have nothing to do and just do that all day.

27664-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Detox - 16 oz
Item 27664


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Dusty mint.

Inspired by the perfect egg sandwich, iced green tea, hitting the snooze button, cucumbers on your eyes, dreamy down-filled pillows.The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they're going to have some pretty annoying virtues.

27665-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - London - 16 oz
Item 27665


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Opaque cool light grey.

Inspired by rays of light through the fog, the lobby of the Tate modern, rainy days, Earl Grey with milk. If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.

26140-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Cupcake - 16 oz
Item 26140


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Lilac pink.

Inspired by eating ice cream in bed, sequined sweaters, keeping peppermints in your purse, cherry blossoms on the sidewalk. Anything that feels good couldn't possibly be bad.

25432-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Dive - 16 oz
Item 25432


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Bali blue-green.

Inspired by saltwater in your hair, warm soft sand, a first class ticket to paradise, jumping in—clothing optional. I don't fall in love, I jump head first.

26143-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Pixie - 16 oz
Item 26143


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Light bright lemon-lime.

Inspired by sweet and sour gummy candy, that thrift store risk that paid off, playing hooky, downtown graffiti art. I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.

26141-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Gloss - 16 oz
Item 26141


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Perfect pink-peach.

Inspired by first-date butterflies, comparing notes in the ladies’ room, rosé champagne and eclairs. Sometimes a little lipgloss is all you need.

25433-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Ever - 16 oz
Item 25433


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Forest green.

Inspired by oversized sweaters, long hikes after morning coffee, loving completely, roasting marshmallows over an open fire. It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.

25435-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Milk - 16 oz
Item 25435


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Sheer white.

Inspired by frothy cappucinos, soft white sheets, a mug of cereal at midnight. I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love and the world's greatest chocolate chip cookie, and my heart does a little dance.

24935-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Bambi - 16 oz
Item 24935


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Sheer Neon Pink.

Inspired by pink diamonds, fishnets, making an entrance, coquettish sideways glances, notes of pink pepper and peaches. Be not afraid. (Of color or anything else.)

24939-150.jpg bkr - Glass Bottle - Boy - 16 oz
Item 24939


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Baby Blue.

Inspired by photo booths, shopping the men’s floor at Barneys, a chunky men’s watch, his scent on the shirt you borrowed. It was a million tiny things that, when you added them all up, meant we were supposed to be together.

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