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BI MAT CAY, Plants Secrets.

From the Mekong shore to the Tonkin mountains, from the memories of a childhood to the smiles of Vietnamese people, we took back these recipes of well-being and comfort. We transcended them by reformulating them and extracted four precious balms from them.

BI MAT CAY Made in France balms were inspired by beauty recipes of Vietnam and brought up to date plants secrets whose properties have been used and known in Southeast Asia for millennia.

Mainly applied as masks, cataplasms or massage, these plants have typical scents and are a link between past and present, between the West and the Far East.

Supplied in small jars wrapped in the colors of traditional Vietnam and Indochina, BI MAT CAY balms are little secrets we may keep anytime and which can be applied to face, lips, body, hands and feet.

In the spirit of long-ago balms, BI MAT CAY balms make us dream of faraway places – places where scents, laughs and smiles mingle, places for which the return is as important as the outward journey, places which reveal everyday our sense of marvel.

Through their size, their fragrance, their texture and the sensuousness of their application, BI MAT CAY balms are secrets and values of Asia in your hands.

Bi Mat Cay

Bi Mat Cay - Hand Balm - 6 g
Item 20139


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Soothes and freshens. Eucalyptus, menthol, camphor and hybrid lavender make you feel like traveling from the Mekong banks to the Tonkin mountains. This balm for chapped or damaged hands and feet helps gently repair callosities and cracks. It helps restore the hydrolipidic film without grease and immediately softens, purifies and moisturizes the skin.

20140-150.jpg Bi Mat Cay - Lip Balm - 6 g
Item 20140


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Richness and harmony. Bi Mat Cay Lip Balm is enriched with cocoa butter and beeswax. It quickly moisturizes and repairs chapped lips. Its soft texture also soothes fever sores thanks to camphor and menthol properties. The subtle fragrance of camphor gives this Lip Balm its unique identity and reminds you of the Mekong banks.

20137-150.jpg Bi Mat Cay - Miracle Balm - 6 g
Item 20137


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Warmth and sensuality. Based on traditional asian medicine and ancestral expertise, Bi Mat Cay Miracle Balm quickly soothes various small pains, muscular pains, headaches and other skin irritations. The purifying effectiveness of cajuput, cinnamon and pine are associated with the stimulating power of camphor and mint whereas menthol and clove, considered as a universal cure in Southeast Asia, soothe the skin.

20138-150.jpg Bi Mat Cay - Skin Balm - 6 g
Item 20138


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Purity and renewal. Bi Mat Cay Skin Balm is the essential cure for small skin injuries: irritations, cuts or slight burns. Juniper essential oil and green tea extract immediately allow your skin to regain comfort and softness, whereas salicylic acid and vitamin E help cellular renewal as well as healing while protecting the skin from external aggressions. The balm can also be used as a night cream that softens and moisturizes all day.

20141-150.jpg Bi Mat Cay - Four Balm Collection Set - 4 x 6 g
Item 20141


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*On temporary backorder from manufacturer.
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Easy to take away thanks to its size, always within arm's or bag's reach, and easy to use and apply. These small jars contain waxy and creamy textures for a sensual touch. Four jars, four uses, four areas, only one aim: well-being.

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