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Try some of the French Caribbean's favorite scents! For a wisp of the tropical!

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Ligne St. Barth Fragrances

16109-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Vanille West Indies Parfum - 1.7 oz
Item 16109


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All the grace & warmth of enchanting vanilla with a fine touch caramel on a subtle background of a sun-kissed orchid.

16110-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Patchouli Arawak Eau de Toilette - 1.7 oz
Item 16110


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The timeless fragrance of Bengal patchouli on a backround full of the mystery of oriental amber.

16111-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Fleur de Canne ŕ Sucre Eau de Toilette - 1.7 oz
Item 16111


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A lush note of lightly spiced sugar cane on a background of caramelized brown sugar and ripe pineapple.

16112-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Fleur de Gingembre Eau de Toilette - 1.7 oz
Item 16112


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All the racy tang of Caribbean ginger against a background of sea spray and seaweed.

16250-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Eau de St Barth Eau de Toilette - 1.7 oz
Item 16250


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The fresh, fruity note and the invigorating aroma of lemon, litzea and lignum vitae paired with the scent of green tea and the exotic, sensuous allure of blooming jasmine and nutmeg elicit the blithe feel of a carefree day on a Caribbean beach.

16251-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Les Alizés Eau de Toilette - 1.7 oz
Item 16251


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An invigorating, citrus-fresh and tart-romantic top note of precious rosewood, accented by a flowery green and slightly spicy middle note, conjures up the winds of the Caribbean. A warm, earthy accord of amber and musk adds the finishing touches to this fragrance.

16252-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Ouanalao Eau de Toilette - 1.7 oz
Item 16252


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A fresh, fruity top note of tangerine and sugar apple blended with a flowery green middle note taken from the essences of Caribbean box-wood and rounded off with the warm scent of lignum vitae and chestnut.

16249-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Tijuca Eau de Toilette - 1.7 oz
Item 16249


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The provocative fresh top note of lemon and tangerine with a soft bouquet of Caribbean roses and golden cashew nuts as the middle note is layered on an enticing base of white sandalwood.

12013-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Homme Eau de Toilette for Men - 3.4 oz
Item 12013


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A traditional, elegant scent. A strong harmony of Royal Fern, with a persistent bottom note of Moss and Hay. Top notes of Lavender, Rosemary, and Lime. Middle Notes of Anise and Neroli. Bottom Notes of Royal Fern, Moss and Hay. Delightful!

St. Barth Trio!
Escape to St. Barth! With your $100 Ligne St. Barth purchase receive a trio of pampering body products! Includes three 25ml bottles of: Coconut Oil, Papaya Peeling Shower Cream and a Tiare Body Lotion.

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