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Ligne St. Barth Facial Care

12020-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Cleansing Milk with Frangipani Flowers - 4.2 oz
Item 12020


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The Cleansing Milk smoothes across your skin and purifies your face, leaving it as soft and velvety as a frangipani petal. Applied morning and evening, this luxurious lotion cleanses all skin types, producing a fresh, radiant tint.

12060-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Tonic with Melon Extract - 4.2 oz
Item 12060


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Like a wave of freshness, the Tonic Lotion with Melon Extract tones and brightens your tint. This delicately coloured pink mist works throughout the day to moisturize and refresh your skin. Free from alcohol and with a deliciously fresh fragrance, it also puts the finishing touch to make-up removal.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

12035-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Mango Butter Cream - 1.7 oz
Item 12035


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Light and airy such as white clouds in the blue Caribbean sky, Mango Butter Cream moisturizes and protects all skin types.

Bringing elasticity and tone back to your skin, it is the ideal base beneath foundation and a perfect eye contour cream. This genuine repair treatment also prevents the accentuation of wrinkles, while exuding a velvety, fruity scent of mango, with a hint of apricot rippling around a middle note of rose.

Used every day, Mango Butter Cream significantly improves hydration, leaving your face clear, fresh and radiant.

12838-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Mango Butter Cream Rich - 1.7 oz
Item 12838


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With the same nimbleness and accuracy of the hummingbird, LIGNE ST BARTH uses the nectar from tropical plants to create the Enriched Mango Butter Cream, suitable for all skin types, particularly mature skin.

Exceptionally rich, it also works wonders as an eye contour cream and a base beneath foundation. With a fruity fragrance of mango and papaya, punctuated with jasmine petals mingling around a middle note of rose, Enriched Mango Butter Cream nourishes and protects, while preventing the accentuation of wrinkles.

Used every day, it significantly improves skin hydration, leaving your face clear, fresh and radiant.

12043-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Peeling Cream with Papaya - 1.7 oz
Item 12043


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An invigorating, playful reminiscence of fresh fruit, the scent of golden yellow papaya with its green shine evokes the comforting souvenir of soft vanilla sponge. This fruit provided the inspiration for our Peeling Cream with Papaya, which is a combination of cleansing product and beauty treatment that tenderly eliminates impurities.

Its creamy consistency refines the texture of your skin, brightens your tint and restores softness and radiance to all skin types, including highly sensitive skins.

12025-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Cream Mask with Pink Clay and Passionfruit - 1.7 oz
Item 12025


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A symbol of the delightful treasures of the tropics, passion fruit contributes to the magic of relaxing and well-being… It is combined with pink clay in the Cream Mask with Pink Clay and Passion Fruit to provide your face with an interlude of serenity and relaxation. This irrefutable moisturizing treatment, perfumed with powdered rose mingled with fresh, fruity and tangy notes, soothes reactive or dry skin. This mask comforts sensitive or prickly skin and restores radiance to dull tint.

12026-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Green Clay Mask with Pineapple - 1.7 oz
Item 12026


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Packed with all the sweetness of the Creole lifestyle, pineapple is the perfect complement to the benefits of green clay. The Cream Mask with Green Clay and Pineapple is like a breath of fresh air, bringing a little tranquillity to your face. This is an exceptional moisturizing treatment with a green aquatic fragrance, pepped up with a yellow note of fruits. This mask mattifies combination, oily and extremely sensitive skin, enhancing your tint and making it more uniform.

17577-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Sugar Cane Lip Care Balm - 0.46 oz
Item 17577


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The Lip Balm with Sugar Cane brings a smile to your lips by sensually evoking a stroll along an earth path next to fields of sugar cane, swept by the trade winds. The balm’s aroma of warm vanilla and caramel-scented sugar with a hint of fruit is as intoxicating as the vapours of rum.

Its luxurious, meltingly soft consistency nourishes your lips, helps healing and preserves your smile. Dry and damaged lips quickly regain their natural suppleness, softness and radiance.

12044-150.jpg Ligne St. Barth - Pump for Travel Size (4.2 oz) Bottles
Item 12044


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Pump for 4.25 oz. travel size bottles.

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