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Glenda Taylor is an aromatherapist, perfumer and natural formulation consultant. Glenda founded Balm Balm, a 100% organic skincare company, in 2005. Balm Balm is the result of Glenda's dream to create an affordable 100% organic skincare range with wide distribution and Soil Association certification. In 2007, Balm Balm won The Soil Association's Organic industry award for Best Organic Beauty and Bodycare product.

Everything Balm Balm makes is 100% Organic. Balms are all made from the same five basic ingredients, shea butter, beeswax, sunflower, calendula and jojoba oils. This is a simple oil and wax combination using the most trusted and effective moisturizing ingredients.

This is, in effect, the basis of most good quality creams after which water is added, but Balm Balm can't add water as that would necessitate adding non-organic ingredients to preserve and combine it. If a cream affect is what you want, though, simply apply the balm to damp skin. So with Balm Balm, you can avoid any chemicals or non-organic ingredients whatsoever!

Fragrance Free: So gentle that it can be used on new born babies.
Rose Geranium: Perfect for combination skin and exquisitely feminine.
Tea Tree: antibacterial and a basic first aid that no one should be without.

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Balm Balm Body Care

26421-150.jpg Balm Balm - Chamomile Floral Water Hydrosol - Soothing Baby Mist - 100 ml
Item 26421


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Mist over sore, inflamed or itchy skin; rashes; cracked nipples or any areas that need a little soothing. Also perfect for spritzing over bed linen to induce sleepiness. Suitable for use from newborn but a ‘must-have’ for grown-ups, too.

23618-150.jpg Balm Balm - Calm All Over Balm - 30 ml
Item 23618


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Contains Cedarwood, Frankincense, Patchouli & Sandalwood essential oils to soothe & comfort.

Suitable for all skin types and during the last trimester of pregnancy.

17040-150.jpg Balm Balm - Fragrance Free Baby Balm - 30 ml
Item 17040


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An ultra gentle, multipurpose blend of natural oils and waxes, to soothe even the most delicate of skin. Use to care for baby's bottom, dry skin, cradle cap or even for your own hands & face. A perfectly simple way to care for your precious skin. For babies and grown ups too!

17041-150.jpg Balm Balm - Rose Geranium Hand Balm - 30 ml
Item 17041


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*On temporary backorder from manufacturer.
You may still order - you will not be charged until item ships.

To moisturize, soothe & condition hands, nails & cuticles, apply sparingly and massage until completely absorbed. All our balms are multifunctional and can be used all over.

25231-150.jpg Balm Balm - Bath & Shower Oil Set - 7 x 5 ml
Item 25231


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A beautiful little box that slides open to reveal a rainbow of color & possibilities. Expertly blended aromatherapy oils to cover your every need. These bijou gems should be treasured and savored.

The perfect gift for someone special - or why not just for yourself?

BALANCE - focuses & inspires - lavender & peppermint
CALM - soothes & comforts - sandalwood, frankincense, patchouli & cedarwood
DETOX - cleanses mind & body - ginger, lemon, lemongrasss & juniper
INDULGE - pampers & luxuriates - ylang ylang, patchouli & clary sage
RECOVER - eases aching muscles - tea tree, ravensara, juniper, black pepper & wintergreen
REFRESH - revives & stimulates - mandarin & grapefruit
RELAX - releases tension & troubles - rose geranium, mandarin, lavender & ylang ylang

25224-150.jpg Balm Balm - Balance Bath & Shower Oil - 5 ml
Item 25224

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Focuses & inspires
Made with essential oils of lavender & peppermint.

25228-150.jpg Balm Balm - Recover Bath & Shower Oil - 5 ml
Item 25228


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Eases aching muscles
Made with essential oils of tea tree, ravensara, juniper, black pepper & wintergreen.

25229-150.jpg Balm Balm - Refresh Bath & Shower Oil - 5 ml
Item 25229

$7.00 $5.25 SPECIAL!

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*All sale items are considered a final sale. No returns or exchanges will be accepted. Thank you!

Revives & stimulates
Made with essential oils of mandarin & grapefruit.

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