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Hypersensitive skin is comprised of Allergic or Irritated skin. Both types of hypersensitivity require cosmetics that are ultra-safe and ultra-pure to ensure maximum tolerance and efficacy. Allergic skin is aggravated by irritants and allergens, while irritated skin is caused by various stresses (climate, aggressive cleansing).

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Avene Hypersensitive Care

27553-150.jpg Avene - Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum - 1.01 oz
Item 27553


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Dry Skin.
A unique serum containing a high concentration of Avčne Thermal Spring Water to provide long-lasting hydration and soothe dehydrated and sensitive skin, while enhancing the effectiveness of any moisturizer or treatment product applied over it.

27554-150.jpg Avene - Skin Recovery Cream Rich - 1.69 oz
Item 27554


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Dry Skin.
Completely sterile re-balancing, soothing and protective care for dry, hypersensitive and irritated skin. Reduces skin reactivity and guarantees long-lasting protection by restoring the skin's natural barrier. Moisturizes while calming irritation.

25038-150.jpg Avene - Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion - 6.76 oz
Item 25038


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Intolerant Skin.
Contains a gentle plant-based cleansing agent that preserves the protective skin barrier. Can be used for face and eyes.

25039-150.jpg Avene - Skin Recovery Cream - 1.69 oz
Item 25039


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Intolerant Skin.
Completely sterile re-balancing, soothing and protective care for hypersensitive and irritated skin.

25980-150.jpg Avene - Hypersensitive Skin Regimen Kit - 3 pcs
Item 25980


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Introductory Kit for Hypersensitive Skin.

Extremely Gentle Cleanser - 50 ml
Avene Thermal Spring Water - 50 ml
Skin Recovery Cream - 50 ml (full size)
MINERAL Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ - 0.1 oz sample

Prepare for Fall!
With your $50 or more Avene purchase, receive a 200ml Cold Cream Nourishing Body Lotion! Protect your body in a veil of 59% pure Thermal Avene Mineral Spring Water mixed with healing emollients such as Safflower & Cocoa Oil - great for dry skin!

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