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A results driven range of skincare to cover all skin types and needs, so you can benefit from genuinely improved skin and a glowing spirit.


Aromatherapy Associates Facial Care Range

13810-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Deep Cleanse Face Wash - 200 ml
Item 13810


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A refreshing and lightly foaming face wash ideal for oily or combination skins. Anti-bacterial lavender and tea tree, combined with conditioning marine algae and aloe vera, work to remove make up and impurities, leaving skin balanced, toned and deeply cleansed. Gentle and balancing. Anti-septic and anti-bacterial.

25498-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Essential Enzyme Peel - 50 ml
Item 25498


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Exfoliate without any harsh abrasives and leave your skin looking and feeling softer, smoother and more radiant. Fruit acids of pineapple, passion flower and grape work together to remove dead skin cells while carrot oil, rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, helps to diminish the signs of ageing. Skin is left beautifully glowing and with an even tone.

16583-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Firming Eye Serum - 15 ml
Item 16583


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A highly effective serum to instantly brighten and revive your eyes. Black tea, anti-oxidant cranberry and butcherís broom help to tighten and firm the delicate area around your eyes and help reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. Millet extract and frankincense smooth and tone helping restore firmness and radiance to your eyes.

13808-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil with Rose & Sandalwood - 15 ml
Item 13808


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deeply nourish dry, dehydrated skin. Evening primrose oil replenishes essential fatty acids and helps to soften and smooth dry skin, while rose stimulates circulation, keeping your complexion looking youthful and radiant.

13814-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Hydrating Purifying Facial Scrub - 100 ml
Item 13814


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An exceptional scrub with corn granules to gently remove built up dirt deep within the pores. Natural clay draws out impurities and remineralises your skin, while geranium and petitgrain balance the skinís oils. Particularly good for those with open pores or excess oiliness. Increases cellular health. Highly effective exfoliating action.

13807-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Hydrating Revitalizing Face Oil with Rose & Frankincense - 15 ml
Item 13807


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An effective blend of potent essential oils and natural plant extracts to restore vitality to dull skin. Frankincense, renowned for its rejuvenating and firming properties is combined with borage and rose to smooth your skinís appearance and enhance radiance, for a healthy, glowing complexion.

13804-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Hydrating Rose Exfoliating Facial Cleanser - 100 ml
Item 13804


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An exquisite blend of rich plant oils, pure rose water and jojoba beads to refine your pores and reveal fresh, healthy skin. Extremely gentle, these tiny beads have smooth, round edges so they donít scratch as they lightly, yet efficiently, exfoliate dead skin cells for a smooth and brightened complexion.

13803-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Hydrating Rose Skin Tonic - 200 ml
Item 13803


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A wonderfully refreshing and cooling skin tonic. This pure damask rose water is distilled from the delicate petals of thousands of fragrant Bulgarian roses. Its mild astringent quality tones the skin after cleansing, leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

13816-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Mattifying Refining Face Oil with Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Rose - 15 ml
Item 13816


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A daily conditioning oil to help bring your skinís own oils into balance. The renowned properties of lavender come together with balancing ylang ylang and soothing jojoba in this light daily face oil to leave the skin comfortable and conditioned.

13812-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Mattifying Skin Serum - 50 ml
Item 13812


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A hydrating serum to balance your skinís own oils. Orange flower water and aloe vera replenish moisture while anti-bacterial pure lavender and petitgrain, combined with oat flour, balance excess oils resulting in a healthy and matt complexion. Excellent after hair removal.

10060-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Natural Exfoliating Grains - 78 g
Item 10060


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A bottle of finely ground olive pits to polish and soften your skin in combination with your favorite body wash for an invigorating exfoliation. Smooths and polishes the skin. Optimizes skinís own regenerative process by removing dead skin cells.

13817-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturizer - 50 ml
Item 13817


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A wonderfully light, non-greasy moisturizer to nourish and condition your skin. Evening primrose, rice germ and neroli help to moisturize, protect, regulate and clarify the skinís complexion while oat extract balances the skin, leaving it smooth and matt.
Key Benefits:
Skin regenerating
Helps regulate sebum in the skin

26106-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Relax Eye Mask - 1 pc
Item 26106


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** Due to the intimate nature of this personal care item, returns on opened or used items will not be accepted.

This lightly cushioned eye mask is subtly scented with natural lavender to surround you with a sense of calm and tranquillity. Its soft velvet lining blocks out light while its adjustable ties allow you to fit the mask comfortably.

16584-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Rich Repair Eye Cream - 15 ml
Item 16584


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A replenishing and plumping eye cream that helps promote skin suppleness, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Shea butter, rose wax, baobab and arctic strawberry replenish the moisture barrier, leaving your eye area looking plump and radiant.

13805-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Rose Hydrating Face Mask - 100 ml
Item 13805


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A deeply hydrating mask to restore vital moisture to dry skin. Aloe vera and Sodium Hyaluronate, renowned for their hydrating properties, are combined with damask rose water, distilled from Bulgarian roses, in a cooling, transparent mask to bring radiance and vitality to dry complexions.

25499-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Rose Hydrating Mist - 50 ml
Item 25499


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A refreshing mist which instantly tones the skin. Pure Damask Rose Water, distilled from the delicate petals of thousands of Bulgarian roses, leaves skin hydrated and refreshed. Perfect to apply over make-up and a must-have for dry conditions.

25497-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Rose Infinity Eye Cream - 15 ml
Item 25497


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The triple firming action of hydroxyproline in this nourishing eye cream works to rejuvenate and retain the elasticity of the skin around the eye contour. Edelweiss stem cells and potent oligosaccharides, proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, are combined with rose and frankincense oils.

25496-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Rose Infinity Moisturizer - 50 ml
Item 25496


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This unique formula of Alpine rose stem cells and highly acclaimed hydrolyzed plant proteins creates a moisturizer that supports the skin's ability to repair and strengthen at a cellular level, aiding the resistance to environmental stress. Moisture retention in the deeper layers of the skin is increased through the controlled release of hyaluronic acid.

13809-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Triple Rose Renewing Moisturizer - 50 ml
Item 13809


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A nourishing daily moisturizer combining three unique roses from Morocco, Turkey and Bulgaria to rejuvenate your skin. Anti-oxidant and anti-ageing rosehip, red aquatic algae and frankincense protect and tone your skin, while locking in moisture to keep your complexion looking youthful, radiant and full of vitality. Hydrating and soothing, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant, Softening.

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