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ARgENTUM utilizes the inherent strength of silver to deliver la potion infinie. After many years of research in the field of anti-aging ARgENTUM has formulated a patent pending fusion of two vital ingredients – Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP. The result is a natural, super hydrating cream that may visibly improve fine lines, wrinkles and the overall texture of your skin. la potion infinie is made gradually and meticulously with precious ingredients sourced from all over the world. It is produced in very small batches to maintain purity and efficacy.

Argentum Apothecary

30882-150.jpg Argentum Apothecary - L'Etoile Infinie Twin Enhancing Face Oil - 1 oz
Item 30882


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An elixir designed to be used as a super light, protective, hydrating oil, or as the twin star - enhancing the application of la potion infinie. Create supple, radiant skin using non-comedogenic dry oils to complement the anti-age ritual. l'étoile infinie is 100% natural, and uses oils sourced ethically to ensure environmental protection. l'étoile infinie helps protect your skin's elasticity with powerful anti-oxidant properties, working to nourish your skin and balance natural oil production whilst helping to unify your complexion.

27958-150.jpg Argentum Apothecary - La Lotion Infinie Body Cream - 6.76 oz
Item 27958


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A protective, super hydrating body cream. After many years of research in the field of anti-ageing, Argentum has formulated a patented fusion of two vital ingredients: Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP, the essence of their award-winning la potion infinie. This unique formula, based on their iconic cream, contains the same synthesis of powerful ingredients that will target problem areas and make an exceptional difference to the appearance of your skin.

25938-150.jpg Argentum Apothecary - La Potion Infinie Hydrating Cream - 2.46 oz
Item 25938


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La Potion Infinie, comprising of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP is a natural, protective, super hydrating cream that may visibly improve fine lines, wrinkles and the overall texture of your skin. Its unique synthesis of powerful active ingredients will have an intense effect on your skin, resulting in an all-encompassing spiritual and physical redress of wrinkles, facial blemishes and oxidative stress. Its complex is the subject of a patent application. Silver Hydrosol regulates skin flora with its natural anti-bacterial properties. DNA HP promotes cell revitalization, crucially the production of collagen and elastin and reduces lipid peroxidation. Its high molecular weight results in excellent absorption, enabling optimum hydration. This synergetistic action results in tissue protection and acts as a powerful antioxidant – a bioactive formula, delivering a new experience for a visibly healthier complexion.

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