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Les Anis de Flavigny candies have been produced since the 9th century and are presented in keepsake tins, decorated with beautiful old-fashioned pictures. Made in the same French village as the popular film 'Chocolat' was filmed! These sweets are traditional and homemade - only 5 calories per drop!

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Les Anis de Flavigny

29113-150.jpg Les Anis de Flavigny - Sachet Sampler - 4 pcs
Item 29113


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Samples of your favorite lozenges.


21160-150.jpg Les Anis de Flavigny - Lemon Flavored Hard Candy - 50 g
Item 21160


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Lemon - the newest addition to a wonderful collection of flavors. These naturally flavored lemon candies will be sure to please the gourmands of this world. These sweet and smooth lemon sweets are a favorite for kids! Each candy contains an aniseed in its center, which is coated with fine layers of sugar and all-natural flavoring.

14557-150.jpg Les Anis de Flavigny - Orange Blossom Flavored Hard Candy - 50 g
Item 14557


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They met for the first time under the orange blossom, and henceforth they dreamed together of a long road to be savored at each step taking them to the village high upon the hill. A road filled with exquisite orange blossom.

16907-150.jpg Les Anis de Flavigny - Violet Flavored Hard Candy - 50 g
Item 16907


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Just as the sugary coat hides the aniseed, so the violets modestly conceal the love they have for one another. This sweet moment is for them alone!

14556-150.jpg Les Anis de Flavigny - Rose Flavored Hard Candy - 50 g
Item 14556


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It all began early one spring morning in the secret garden of a beautiful young maiden who dreamed of loving and being loved.

14553-150.jpg Les Anis de Flavigny - Anise Flavored Hard Candy - 50 g
Item 14553


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Beside the fountain, the young shepherd made his move. He offers her the succulent sweet. Would she accept? Looking him straight in the eyes, she said "yes!" and then tasted the sweetness of Anis de Flavigny.

17174-150.jpg Les Anis de Flavigny - Liquorice - 50 g
Item 17174


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A young shepherd chewed on a liquorice stick whilst sitting under a stone arch. A little light shining yonder, in the window of a house in the village, kindled something deep inside his heart that was yearning to burn. Was this the love of his dreams?

14554-150.jpg Les Anis de Flavigny - Mint Flavored Hard Candy - 50 g
Item 14554


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In The water, a reflection revealed the presence of the young maiden to the shepherd. Raising his head, he gave her a look full of gentleness. The water trickled between his fingers while life smiled in the light of their eyes.

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