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Welcome the home of master perfumer - Patricia de Nicolaï. A grand-daughter of Pierre Guerlain, Patricia personally selects her precious ingredients - from all over the world! These exquistite Perfumed Candles are composed of 10-12% natural essences and have a burning time of 40 hours! Each is packaged in beautiful glass!

Parfums de Nicolai Candles & Home

30288-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - Maharadjah Diffuser - 250 ml
Item 30288


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Maharadjah is a subtle combination of lavender and sandalwood in order to support the patchouli and the vanilla spices. The must have home fragrance from Nicolai!

11805-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - Maharadjah Candle - 6 oz
Item 11805


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For vanilla lovers, a subtle sweet note blooms on the spice and richness of mandarin, cinnamon and frankincense. A Beautyhabit favorite!

30289-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - La Route du Cedre Diffuser - 250 ml
Item 30289


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Take a trip to Virginia and feel the essence of the cedar tree! What a wonderful pleasure! Combined with Siberian pine and exotic geranium, La route du cèdre is a powerful smell sensation which will make your blood run hot and cold.

11812-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - La Route du Cedre Candle - 6 oz
Item 11812


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Woody and Warm. Cedarwood, Siberian Pine, Amber and Artemisia. Trendy and longlasting.

30290-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - Bois de Santal Diffuser - 250 ml
Item 30290


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A very nice combination of sandalwood and cinnamon firmed up by a woody rose note. Smooth and warm for a wonderful winter cocooning.

30291-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - Ambre Precieux Diffuser - 250 ml
Item 30291


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Sandalwood and birch straightened this amber note on a vanilla and musky note. A fragrance with character for all the aficionados.

30292-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - Musc Blanc Diffuser - 250 ml
Item 30292


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A perfect combination of musk, carnation, iris and white geranium. This flower feeling is firmed up by sandalwood from Mysore. A smooth but powerful note.

30293-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - Fleur de Tiare Diffuser - 250 ml
Item 30293


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Fleur de tiaré was elaborated on a coconut and ylang mixture. This powerful combination is dressed up by a light citrus and definitively marine start. Base notes of amber and musk give to this fragrance its powerful diffusion.

27214-150.jpg Parfums de Nicolai - Fleur de Tiaré Candle - 6 oz
Item 27214


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Patricia de Nicolaï is offering you a journey to the antipodes with her new Home Fragrance, Fleur de tiaré, a floral, exotic and captivating scent from the remote Pacific islands.

Head: Coconut and Ylang
Heart: Citrus and Marine
Base: Amber and Musk

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