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A family-owned company based in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, Alteya is dedicated to growing the world's most fragrant oil-yielding Rose, the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, as well as distilling the finest-quality Bulgarian Rose Oils and Bulgarian Rose Waters available anywhere.

In addition to Roses, this family passionately loves the magic of the Bulgarian Lavender flowers. They are proud to produce and offer their country's best quality steam-distilled Bulgarian Lavender Oils and Lavender Waters.

Alteya Organics

26324-150.jpg Alteya Organics - Bio Damascena Nourishing Face Serum - 20 ml
Item 26324


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100% Natural, 99% Certified Organic.
Repairs and nourishes dry, damaged and/or aging skin by boosting the cell-renewal turnover and providing skin with essential nutrients that instantly improve overall skin health and glow. It protects and rejuvenates the delicate face skin naturally, brightens and improves clarity, slows down the cell oxidation process and preserves skin healthy and youthful. Possess strong aromatherapeutic properties that calm not only the mind but also your skin. By using only the purest, organic and most active ingredients, Bio Damascena™ Face Serum helps your skin defeat everyday stress and preserves skin healthy and youthful.

26323-150.jpg Alteya Organics - Bio Damascena Rose Face Wash - 250 ml
Item 26323


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Certified organic, mild, and gentle Alteya's Rose Face Wash effectively removes everyday impurities, oil and make up without being harsh on skin. Rich in nutrients and fatty acids, it leaves skin healthy, fresh, nourished, and softer than ever. Organic Rose Oil helps improve complexion, rejuvenate and balance skin. Beautifying organic blend of essential Rose Oil and Apple Extract help tone and firm skin and promote moisture retention.

29226-150.jpg Alteya Organics - Bulgarian Rose Ageless Beauty Capsules - 60 Capsules
Item 29226


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Organic Rose Oil Oral Capsules for Ageless Beauty with Bulgarian Rose Oil in soft gel capsules as a dietary supplement..

Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil Capsules with Powerful Antioxidant Acai Derma Complex.
Anti-aging: This bioactive blend of pure Rose oil and youth-restorative antioxidant Acai complex is formulated to help fight free radicals causing aging and promote skin regeneration.

29225-150.jpg Alteya Organics - Bulgarian Rose Drops - 20 ml
Item 29225


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USDA Organic Bulgarian Rose Drops RX3800 Food Supplement with Rose Oil.

Alteya's research team has developed this nutrient-rich supplement, utilizing the potent power of Bulgarian Rose Oil to bring Beauty and natural aroma from within. A gentle rose fragrance emits from the skin. Improves skin tone and texture. Refreshes breath and helps tighten gums. Roses have been traditionally used throughout the ages to help balance hormones.

26341-150.jpg Alteya Organics - Bulgarian Rose Oil - Rose Otto - 2.3 ml
Item 26341


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100% Pure Therapeutic Grade USDA Organic Rose Oil.

The Organic Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Oil (Rose Otto), obtained by steam distillation has one of the most valuable and distinct fragrances. Rose oil is widely used in the cosmetics and the perfume industry because of its complex molecular composition, healing, beautifying and therapeutic properties as well as its multi-layered and deep fragrance.

26333-150.jpg Alteya Organics - White Rose Water Mist - 100 ml
Item 26333


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100% Natural Steam-Distilled Flower Water. USDA Certified Organic.Alteya's 100% pure, steam distilled white rose water is made of fresh, organic Rosa Alba blossoms - one of the rarest oil-bearing roses. As compared to our pink Rosa Damascena water, this one has lighter and more delicate floral aroma. It carries all the fragrance complexity of the white Rose Alba.

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