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As effective a centerpiece as it is an air freshener, the Alora Ambiance diffuser truly is a one-of-a-kind product and makes a perfect gift. Its exquisite design and attention to detail attest to its Italian origins while its wicking device - a deceptively simple and elegant grouping of sticks - is both attractive and unusually effective. The liquid travels up through the sticks and fills the room. It is inviting and offers each space its own signature fragrance.

Alora Ambiance

16195-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Agrume - 8 oz
Item 16195


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Agrume citrus fragrance is an invigorating montage of grapefruit, orange and eucalyptus. Ideal for citrus lovers, Agrume's citrusy and uplifting mix is perfect for any space.

Notes: Grapefruit, orange and eucalyptus.

18534-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Arancia - 8 oz
Item 18534


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Unfolding like an evening stroll through one of Sicily's beguiling orange groves, arancia combines key notes of citrus with a calming dash of gardenia resulting in a bouquet that is uplifting at every turn.

Notes: Orange rind, gardenia.

14878-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Bella - 8 oz
Item 14878


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Beauty is in the air of the beholder. This soft, lovely floral fragrance is perfect for any room!

Notes: Lemon, ylang ylang and ginger root.

15004-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Caldo - 8 oz
Item 15004


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A warm and woodsy fragrance. The warmest fragrance in Alora's collection, Caldo is earthy and cozy, perfect for the bedroom.

Notes: Amber, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver.

14999-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Due - 8 oz
Item 14999


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Due's hints of jasmine, cucumber, basil and ylang-ylang offer a fresh and clean aroma. Perfect for both men and women!

Notes: jasmine, cucumber, basil and ylang ylang

14401-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Festa - 8 oz
Item 14401


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Festa's delicious mix of cinnamon and bitter orange is not only perfect for the winter months and holidays, it also makes a great gift.

Notes: cinnamon and bitter orange

19570-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Fico - 8 oz
Item 19570


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With memories of Lake Como mornings greeted by the fragrant breeze of ripening figs as its inspiration, Fico is an earthy mélange of green garden notes with fig as its richly sophisticated centerpiece.

Notes: Iris, violet leaf, tonka bean and fig blossoms.

15001-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Isola - 8 oz
Item 15001


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From countless sun-drenched afternoons spent traipsing around the islands of the Mediterranean comes Isola, the fourth member of the Alora Ambiance family. A seductive blend of gardenia, tuberose and fig. Isola's essential oils combine to create a tropical breeze that just might turn your space into an island paradise.

Notes: Gardenia, tuberose and fig.

27845-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Pino - 8 oz
Item 27845


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Introducing Pino, the limited-edition pine-scented ode to the legendary Alpine forests of Northern Italy. Infused with notes of amber and fresh greens, Pino joins Festa to become the dynamic seasonal duo.

26534-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Toscana - 8 oz
Item 26534


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Fresh and earthy, Toscana is a delightful compliment to spring and summer and a perfect fragrance in the cucina!

Notes: Galbanum, fresh moss, garden tomato leaf, vetiver, green fig.

15000-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Tre - 8 oz
Item 15000


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Tre blends amber, mandarin and vanilla for a warm and earthy bouquet, perfect for the kitchen.

Notes: Orange, mandarin, vanilla and amber.

14998-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Uno - 8 oz
Item 14998


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The sweetest fragrance from Alora Ambiance. Uno combines notes of muguet, lemon, and sandalwood for an elegant floral scent. Very feminine!

Notes: Muguet, sandalwood, musk and lemon.

16633-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Vaniglia - 8 oz
Item 16633


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Riding on a delicious base of vanilla with an intriguing vein of jasmine woven throughout, comes this delicious creation, Vaniglia. Both familiar and exotic, Vaniglia carries with it all the warmth and possibility of autumn's late evening breeze. Perfect for vanilla lovers, this fragrance will warm up any room, especially the kitchen!

Notes: Vanilla and jasmine.

15003-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Verde - 8 oz
Item 15003


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Verde, a delightful blend of green grassy notes, melon, tonka bean with a hint of jasmine. Clean and fresh, Verde smells like freshly cut grass. Perfect for both men and women!

Notes: Fresh green notes, melon, tonka bean and jasmine.

17455-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Vetiver - 8 oz
Item 17455


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Inspired by the aromatic mats woven with Vetiver root found in the lively local markets of Java. Smoky and earthy, with hints of clove and tobacco, exotic Vetiver will transport you to the batik-filled stalls of the best bazaars Indonesia has to offer.

15002-150.jpg Alora Ambiance - Bimbi - 8 oz
Item 15002


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Bimbi. The combination of lavender, chamomile, bergamot and rose in bimbi makes it one of our most citrusy fragrances. Originally designed with the nursery in mind, we've found it works equally well in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Deluxe Try-Me Kit!
Receive an Alora Ambiance 12pc. deluxe sampler with your $50 or more Alora Ambiance purchase! Pick up a favorite then discover a new favorite!

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